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Just hours before Brandi Glanville pulls out proof of her alleged affair with Denise Richards, Kyle and Dorit worried.

Was Denise’s drama going to ruin Teddi Mellencamp’s special day?

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In this The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sneak peek, the final touches are being put on Teddi’s baby shower.

"I have to put you next to her," Dorit remarks as she and Kyle finalize seating plans.

Shadily, she explains: "because she might have a heart attack if I don’t."

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Earlier this season, Dorit had gotten on Kyle’s case for showing clear favoritism towards Teddi.

She is clearly throwing a little shade, but doesn’t mean any harm by it.

And Dorit does sincerely want everyone to have their best time.

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Dorit is including Denise Richards in the list of people whom she hopes will have a lovely time.

"Maybe I’ll sit next to Denise just in case,” Dorit says, thinking out loud.

She explains: “At least she’ll feel more comfortable if she’s sitting next to me and Garcelle." Those two have been Denise’s allies.

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Speaking to the (pandemic lockdown) confessional camera, Kyle explains that there is still tension.

"Even though that last night we tried to patch things up and have fun," she reflects.

Kyle continues: "I have not spoken to Denise since Rome."

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"I know Denise as a stand-up girl," Dorit insists, expressing that Denise will certainly be attending.

"She doesn’t shy away from things," she claims, despite Denise having stormed off from multiple gatherings.

"She’s a tough cookie," Dorit claims, "and there’s no way Denise wouldn’t show up because she wants to avoid any conversation."

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This is when Kyle, concerned about Denise being there, notes that Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville will be in attendance.

With a voice like a fairy in a Disney movie, a worried Dorit asks: "Kyle, do you think that’s a good idea, honey?"

It may not be, but it was done weeks ago.

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Kyle explains that Teddi, though she doesn’t know details about this surprise shower, invited them.

"We were already planning something," she recalls, "and Kim and Brandi were invited."

That planning took place at the same get-together where Brandi first shared her story about Denise.

Despite this potentially awkward situation, Dorit tries to reassure herself.

"I just think that today is about Teddi," she says aloud.

"And," Dorit continues, "everyone’s adults." Are they, though? Are they?

"Dorit, you’re delusional," Kyle says in a voiceover from her confessional camera time.

"Denise doesn’t care if it’s Teddi’s baby shower,” she reasons. “She doesn’t want to have conversations."

"She doesn’t want to work through things," Kyle adds. "I know Denise is not coming tonight."

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Dorit thinks that Denise will come. Kyle thinks that Denise will not, to avoid the awkwardness of being around Teddi, even if she doesn’t know that Brandi is coming.

Both women recorded these thoughts after the fact, of course, at which point they already know who was right.

Kyle was right. Denise didn’t show, but would claim to have had a prior engagement. Well, that’s about as believable as everything else that Denise has been saying recently.