Danielle Bregoli Fight: Woah Vicky Wipes the Floor With Bhad Bhabie

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It was all fun and games and getting rich until someone finally caught her ousside.

Video has surfaced on social media depicting an all-out brawl between Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a Bhad Bhabie, and Woah Vicky.

It's no surprise to see that the teen rapper got into a fight. What may shock some is that she didn't come out as the winner.

Danielle Bregoli Woah Vicky fight still 01

Early Wednesday morning, Danielle Bregoli showed up to confront her archenemy, Woah Vicky, who is also known as whoahhvicky.

Woah Vicky was at a recording studio, and the confrontation went well beyond verbal.

The conflict between 16-year-old Danielle and young adult Woah Vicky was even caught on film.

It's not entirely clear why the adults in the room allowed the fight to take place with minimal interference.

Danielle Bregoli Woah Vicky fight still 02

Watching the video, most viewers have perceived that Danielle was far from triumphant, and we see Woah Vicky with a firm grip on her hair.

However, Danielle has since taken to social media to object to the general characterization of the brawl.

To hear her tell it, she's the one who actually won because she allegedly landed clean blows upon her rival.

Meanwhile, Danielle insists that Woah Vicky never managed to punch her directly in the face.

Danielle Bregoli IG vs Woah Vicky 01

We're somewhat tempted to take Danielle's word on how fights work, never having been in one ourselves. She cannot say the same.

However, Danielle has since taken their quarrel to a much safer venue: Instagram.

There, she insists that one of the men was holding her back, preventing her from fighting effectively.

She also dares Woah Vicky to show up without anyone to interfere for a rematch brawl.

Danielle Bregoli IG vs WOah Vicky 02

Danielle insists that anyone declaring Woah Vicky the victor in this fight is "delusional."

She says that, given that other people were involved, Woah Vicky has no excuse for not being able to land a clean blow on her face.

Danielle then accuses Woah Vicky of only wanting to fight on the internet, of being too cowardly to engage in a fair rematch.

To her, the fact that Woah Vicky posted a short edit of the fight video is evidence that she's more interested in clout than in a physical fight.

Danielle Bregoli IG vs Woah Vicky 03

Once again, Danielle blames that dastardly gray sweater-wearer for holding her back.

"You can literally see my hand going in her face even while she's on top of me," Danielle claims.

Additionally, she advises her fans and followers that even the "full" video doesn't tell the whole story.

She shares that apparently the world has only seen select snippets that do not reveal the outside interference of Woah Vicky's alleged cronies.

Danielle Bregoli IG vs Woah Vicky 04

While we can't speak to precisely what happened in a blow-by-blow sense, maybe Danielle lost no matter what?

After all, Woah Vicky is clearly winning on social media, where this kind of barbaric nonsense is meant to count for something among their fans.

That said ... maybe Danielle was always destined to be the victor from the start.

Woah Vicky is the literal adult getting into brawls and Instagram wars with a 16-year-old minor.

Do you get points for winning a fight against a Bhabie?

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