Courtney Stodden Impersonates Cher in Whacked-Out Video

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It must be good to be Courtney Stodden.

The 21-year-old seemingly has no responsibilities and therefore nothing better to do than to dress up like other people (or animals) on Instagram.

This time, she dons a long black wig, grabs her karaoke mic and positions herself in front of a pink and orange polka-dotted shower curtain (or maybe it's a beach towel?) to belt out a rendition of Cher's "Believe."

It's exactly the kind of thing I used to do with my girlfriends when I was about 10 years old and it was raining outside.

Only Courtney's by herself and it's a beautiful day.

Or maybe grandpa husband Doug Hutchison is doing the filming.

Court does her best to deepen her voice and mimic Cher's signature "hooooo," but about mid-way through the song, even she seems to think it's ridiculous and starts cracking up.

To be honest, it looks sort of fun, and I'm just mad that she has the money to buy elaborate costumes and the time to dedicate to such frivolous productions.

Last week, Courtney dressed up like a cat, meowed onscreen then coughed up a hairball to honor National Hairball Awareness Day.

No, seriously. She really did that. It was gross.

Prior to that, she mocked Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian on Instagram for no apparent reason.

"Get my new lip kit!" she chirped in a dark wig, making fun of Kylie's incessant promotion of her cosmetic line.

"I'm Courtney Cardashian with a C," she added.

She then kept the wig on and posed for a nude selfie in the same vein as Kim did back in March. 

I would say I'd gladly trade places with Courtney, but then I realized that would mean having sex with Doug Hutchison, and I'm suddenly much more content with my life.

Watch Courtney sing Cher below:

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