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Ciara sang the National Anthem prior to the College Football National Championship Game on Monday night, which was won by Alabama over Clemson, 45-40.

Unlike other famous singers at major sporting events, Ciara did not forget any of the iconic track’s lyrics.

But she did forget a few layers of clothing.

As you can see below, Ciara (who has a connection with professional football because she’s dating Russell Wilson) belts out the country’s theme song with incredible range and talent.

She also does so in a sheer dress that leaves her chest region largely exposed.

Was this really appropriate for the occasion, a sporting event watched by millions of people, including children?

Not according to reporter Bonnie Bernstein, who Tweeted, the following after seeing Ciara sing live:

Dear Ciara. You’re stunning. But this is a National Championship Game. Kids are watching. Cover up.

Not everyone on Twitter agreed with Bernstein’s assessment, however.

“@BonnieBernstein How dare she partially reveal her body when children are preparing to watch 21-year olds destroy each other for no money!” replied one user, while another added simply responded with a photo of scantily-clad cheerleaders at the game.

Many also turned Bernstein’s critique into a racial issue, which prompted her to follow up a short while later with:

"Truly am amazed at how people take a tweet (that includes a compliment!) & wanna make it about  race. Seriously. Grow up. Watch the game."

Check out Ciara’s performance here and response: Should she have covered herself up more, given the patriotic circumstance of her routine?