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Warning: What you are about to hear is pretty upsetting.

After 42-year-old Christy Sheats gunned down her daughters – Taylor, 22, and Madison, 17 – the 911 calls placed by both the girls and neighbors have been made public, according to KHOU.

Christy and her husband, Jason had recently reconciled after a separation (she had moved out of the house for awhile), but according to family friend Madison Davey, they were fighting all the time.

Christy Sheats Facebook Photo
Photo via Facebook/Christy Sheats

That day, which also happened to be Jason’s birthday, was allegedly "tense" for the couple.  So when Christy called a family meeting, she hid her .38-calibur handgun (a family heirloom) in the couch, then pulled it out.

Madison made the first 911 call, and you could hear Jason pleading in the background.

“Please don’t point the gun at us … I beg you, please put it away,” he screamed.

“I’m sorry. I promise you, whatever you want … “

Jason then tried to push the girls out the front door, according to Davey, who spoke to him after the ordeal.

Madison was killed first as she tried to get out the front door.

Christy Sheats' Two Daughters, Madison and Tayler
Photo via Facebook/Christy Sheats

Christy shot Taylor inside the home, but she managed to get outside.

Her mother followed her outside and shot her again.

At this point, a neighbor had called 911 and relayed the entire scene to the dispatcher.

"She’s coming back again. Oh!!! She shot her again. The female that was lying on the ground," the neighbor said, as police arrived and shot Christy.

"I can hear bullets."

"She [the shooter] is lying down… It doesn’t look like she’s moving anymore."

Witnesses also said that Christy yelled that she wanted Jason "to suffer."

Davey said that Jason had no idea Christy owned a gun, and that she told him that killing the girls was about "punishing" him.

According to Davey, Taylor had graduated Lone Star College, was going to marry her longterm boyfriend at the courthouse on June 27th.

Madison was going to be a senior at the local high school.

A memorial will be held for both girls in Houston, and they will be buried in Alabama.