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Chris Brown was recently detained in the Philippines, although the R&B star seemed to be in good spirits – albeit a little confused – about it.

Check out the video above for his reaction to the strange drama.

After performing at a packed concert Tuesday night in Manila, the capital of the Southeast Asian archipelago, he was not allowed to leave.

Brown was headed to the airport to board a private plane bound for Hong Kong … until the Bureau of Immigration wouldn’t grant clearance.

It turns out fraud allegations against Brown and his management for a canceled concert last New Year’s Eve were the culprit in this case.

Brown reportedly lost his passport the day before the event and could not make it, ruffling some feathers with concert promoters there.

Chris couldn’t help but poke fun at his own situation on Instagram.

"Can somebody please tell me what the f–k is going on.  I don’t know," he shared in a video. "I’m reading headlines after headlines. What the f–k?"

"That’s what the f–k I want to know. What the f–k is going on?"

Then, he added before dropping down to the ground and doing the worm, "When I go through customs, I say ‘Sir I didn’t do nothing!’"

He was eventually cleared to carry on to Hong Kong.

"It was a misunderstanding that has been cleared up," Brown’s team told the media. "Chris leaves tomorrow to continue his planned performances."