Charlie Challenge

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The Charlie Challenge is the latest viral sensation to take the Internet by storm. It features teens trying to summon demons with pencils, 'cause obviously.

According to legend - i.e. countless Instagrams, Tweets and Vines - two pencils are placed in a cross formation on a piece of paper.

The makeshift chart reads “yes,” “no,” and vice versa on the bottom half.

After the teens chant “Charlie, Charlie are you there” and “Charlie, Charlie can we play” ... the pencil moves. Supposedly on its own.

This purportedly indicates that, yes, Charlie is there. And that he may be a demon, specter, ghost or some other supernatural being.

Check out the video above for a montage of freaked-out participants screaming and running from the room when Charlie shows up.

NOTE: We just tried this and Charlie didn't show up. #WTF

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