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Just three months after Carrie Underwood gave birth, she is opening up about motherhood and life with baby Isaiah Michael Fisher.

She dishes out a little info about her post-baby bod, which she showed off at Wednesday’s CMT Music Awards.

Carrie had a C-section, so she couldn’t hit the gym right away.  But she found alternate ways to get back to her post-baby weight.

She said, "While I was pregnant, I did everything I could to try and make smart choices. And if I couldn’t really like work out, work out, I’d go walk, and I just tried to stay active.”

Isaiah, clearly, is the most important thing in her life.  She said, I schedule things around feedings and stuff like that," she said. "Anything I do I’m like, every three hours, ‘I gotta go feed my baby!’"

Does the growing family have Father’s Day plans???

Nope!  Not yet.  But Carrie said Isaiah will be getting his daddy a gift.