Carlos Correa Wins World Series, Proposes on Field, Has Won Life

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Carlos Correa is a handsome 23-year old shortstop who is one of the best young players in baseball.

He helped his team, the Houston Astros, win their first-ever World Series on Wednesday night, as they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers by a score of 5-1.

The guy could have gone out on the town afterward and had his pick of women to take home.

But it turns out Correa had already selected his woman a long time ago: Daniella Rodriguez, who was crowned Miss Texas USA in 2016.

Carlos Correa

Therefore, after celebrating with his teammates on the field, the All-Star stopped to chat with reporter Ken Rosenthal, only to interrupt his own interview because he simply could not wait any longer.

You make me the happiest person in the world, he told Rodriguez while the Fox camera rolled.

Will you marry me?

The 22-year old beauty pageant champion didn't even reply at first. Not verbally, at least.

She burst into tears and simply kissed Correa right smack on the lips for an extended period of time.

Carlos Correa pic

"I was planning if we were World Series champions, I was going to do it right there," Correa told ESPN later in the night, adding:

"I don't think that's a stage you can create; it just has to happen. And we were able to win tonight, so perfect timing for me to get engaged."

The shortstop said he told a clubhouse attendant to please go fetch the ring in the ninth inning, once victory really did seem imminent for Houston.

Carlos Correa proposes

"It doesn't get any better," the 23-year-old Correa later said. 

That's for sure.

Just take a look below at his new fiancee... and his World Series t-shirt. What a life Carlos Correa is living.

Watch the proposal below!

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