Caitlyn Jenner: Why Won't You Call Me, Ted Cruz?

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Earlier this month, Caitlyn Jenner endorsed Ted Cruz, even though she acknowledged that the Texas senator is "one of the worst [candidates] when it comes to trans issues."

You might be thinking, if she disagrees with his stances on some of the issues that affect her the most, why would Caitlyn support Ted Cruz?

That's a very, very good question, and you might be surprised by Caitlyn's answer.

No, she wasn't taken in by his melting-wax-figure-of-a-French-clown good looks, and yes, there's more to Caitlyn's decision than her (relative) distaste for Donald Trump.

You see, Caitlyn wants to be Cruz's "trans ambassador," which makes zero sense for a number of reasons.

For one thing, Ted Cruz doesn't want a trans ambassador.

Additionally, you don't support a candidate who disagrees with you just because you're hoping to get a job as the person he hires to change his mind.

So it's not exactly shocking that Caitlyn has yet to receive a call asking her to jump on board with the Cruz campaign, and is now walking back her previous pro-Ted statements:

"I never said that I endorsed Ted Cruz," she says in the clip below. "I said I like him. He is a constitutionalist and I think we have to get our country back to something like that.

"Out of all the candidates, I also feel that as far as the LGBT community, he would probably be the worst and need the most help… If that is the case, I would be at his front door. Have they contacted me? No—which I was kind of surprised."

You were the only one who was surprised by that, Caitlyn. Literally the only one.

Watch I Am Cait online to see more of Caitlyn trying to figure out where her privilege went.

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