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As Britney Spears’ own lyrics accused long ago, everyone wants a piece of her.

Her awful dad is out of the conservatorship, but her sister Jamie Lynn wants to cash in with a book deal.

Now, Britney’s uncle is weighing in on the #FreeBritney movement.

Willie Spears has some stern words for Britney’s fans … and he’s not putting it nicely.

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63-year-old Willie Spears is the brother of disgraced former conservator Jamie Spears.

The Louisiana resident isn’t referring to Britney’s supporters as fans or even as stans.

He’s calling them — well, us — "Britney motherf–kers." Charming guy.

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In a video first posted to Instagram, Willie leaned in to the camera and straight-up yelled.

“I only got one thing to say to all you Britney motherf–kers out there," he screeched.

Willie then demanded: "Watch what you say NOW!”

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What a charming guy.

In another video, uploaded to Facebook, he showed off the inside of his Kentwood, Louisiana home.

His wall is lined with autographed Britney decor … though the nature of some of the autographed material is turning heads.

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It’s one thing for one of Britney’s fans to have a photo of her from her late teens in a crop top and low-waisted pants.

(Some of her gay fans have shared stories recalling how they used "hot" Britney posters in their bedrooms to avoid sexuality questions as teens)

It seems weird (to say the least) to see her uncle showing off such a skin-flaunting collection of his niece, many social media users have observed.

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Willie doesn’t spell out exactly what responses from Britney’s supporters have him so unhappy.

Obviously, a lot of fans have a lot of very harsh, very well-deserved criticisms of Britney’s family.

Most of the ire has been directed at his brother, Jamie, who until two weeks ago was Britney’s conservator.

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It would be … interesting if Willie is ardently defending Jamie, here.

After all, he has had quite a few things to say about his brother in the past.

A decade or so ago, Willie spoke to a biographer about a time that he and Jamie had a physical fight.

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According to Willie’s claims at the time, Jamie had once tried to drive drunk with a 5-year-old Britney in the car.

Willie described having tried to stop him, only to end up getting punched by his brother.

It is grim to think of what Britney witnessed and endured during her childhood, especially since the conservatorship robbed her adulthood of so much freedom.

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Perhaps Willie is defending Jamie.

It’s also possible that he’s trying to speak up for his other niece, Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn is often viewed as complicit for making free use of Britney’s condo and for working with Lou Taylor.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn’s book is not winning over anyone, especially since her original title was ripped from Britney’s lyrics.

Years of her boasting that "we have a condo" in reference to Britney’s $1 million condo in Florida rubbed fans the wrong way.

But seeing her not only benefit from the conservatorship but not speak out to support her sister until the wind shifted … people are unhappy.

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Keep in mind that we "Britney motherf–kers" aren’t calling out Britney’s family based upon things that we imagine.

Britney has spoken herself about her family’s many failings and wrongdoings as this conservatorship happened. It’s not just her dad.

If Willie doesn’t like hearing it … well, that’s tough for him.