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With her conservatorship terminated after nearly 14 years, Britney Spears is free at last.

She is now in celebration mode and plans to continue to mark her freedom for the rest of the year.

But Britney’s high spirits after spending most of her adult life in a gilded cage does not mean that she has forgotten who put her there.

Britney is thanking her fans, using her platform to advocate for others, and declaring that both of her parents belong behind bars.

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On Tuesday, Britney Spears took to Twitter to (perhaps jokingly) tease her previously-reported desire to speak out in an Oprah Winfrey interview.

"I might as well do a hint of my thoughts here," she wrote.

Britney added that this would be "before I go and set things square on @Oprah."

Britney included a touching and extremely honest video in which she spoke to the camera.

In addition to thanking her fans and supporters, Britney voiced a desire to "answer all of your guys’ questions."

"The first main question that you guys have been asking me is, ‘What am I going to do now that the conservatorship is over with?’”

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“Very good question,” Britney said, though she did not immediately answer — there is so much to say.

“I’m just grateful honestly for each day and being able to have the keys to my car," she expressed.

Britney continued: "and being able to be independent and feel like a woman, and owning an ATM card and seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles."

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“It’s the little things for us women." Britney expressed, "but it makes a huge difference and I’m grateful for that.”

She also expressed her love for her fans and supporters and the Free Britney movement.

It’s awful that it took so much widespread pressure to see justice done, but at least it worked — for Britney.

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Britney then emphasized her desire “to be an advocate for people with real disabilities and real illnesses.”

She is of course referring to hundreds of thousands — or more — Americans living under conservatorships.

Many of these people suffer like she did, but without fame or widespread media scrutiny.

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"I can only imagine what the system has done to those people," Britney acknowledged.

We’re not donning our tinfoil hats and claiming that Britney has been reading THG‘s coverage of her plight.

However, those words strongly parallel commentary during our own coverage of her conservatorship and how it represents a systemic problem for others.

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“So hopefully my story will make an impact," Britney expressed.

"And," she continued, "make some changes in the corrupt system.”

Britney had more to say in an Instagram caption that began similarly to her tweet.

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"I do know how embarrassing is to share the fact I’ve never seen cash or wasn’t able to drive my car," Britney wrote.

"But honestly," she confessed, "it still blows my mind every day I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to do what they did to me."

Britney noted that "it was demoralizing and degrading !!!!"

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"I’m not even mentioning all the bad things they did to me which they should all be in jail for," Britney wrote.

She emphasized: "Yes including my church going mother !!!!"

In recent years, Lynne Spears had a change of heart regarding the conservatorship, but Britney is clearly not letting her off the hook.

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"I’m used to keeping peace for the family and keeping my mouth shut," Britney wrote, "but not this time."

"I have NOT FORGOTTEN," she stressed.

"And," Britney concluded, "I hope they can look up tonight and know EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN !!!!"

Britney’s other Instagram post was more playful, but it sent a clear message.

"Second pic is the original and you heard me … should I say it again ??????" she asked.

"KISS MY MOTHER F–KING ASS!!!!!" Britney wrote.

Britney’s cheeky posts are another symbol of her freedom.

She’s posting what she wants to post on Instagram, just like everyone else.

Words cannot adequately express how happy we are for Britney, and how much we want this same freedom for so many others.