Boyfriend Tries to Sleep with Underage Pregnant Teen in Girlfriend's Sting Operation

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We begin this ridiculous tale of sexual entrapment with the obligatory caveat that sexual entrapment is shady and very much not cool.

Seriously, if you're the type of person that does this, you probably need to reexamine your life, or date people who make you less paranoid.

With that said ... this is insane.

Preg Screen Shot

Not only did a World of Warcraft gamer named Vanessa tried to catch her boyfriend two-timing her, she went all out in her effort to do so.

She filmed it, first of all.

That alone poses serious ethical questions, but at least she went all in, enlisting a pregnant teen (who was neither pregnant nor a teen).

With that kind of bait, her boyfriend had to turn down any sexual advances she made without giving it a second thought, right? Obviously?

One would think. But would we even be talking about this right now if he had done the logical thing and walked away like a gentleman?

No. Gosh no.

Such Hornballocity

During their convenient run-in on the street, the knocked up teen pretended to be from out of town asked Vanessa’s boyfriend for directions.

He was quick to guess this was a set-up, asking her point blank of she was one of his girlfriend's friends. But when she said no ... GAME ON!

The sweet, innocent blonde from Kansas City proceeded to hit on him more overtly than any human being possibly would, but he went for it.

With lines about how pregnancy makes her horny all the time, but the best thing is that you can't get pregnant again, she snared him.

Hook, line and sinker.

To make sure there was no misconception, she even asked flat out if it bothers him that she’s with child before they go off and bone.

He did not care. Not in the least.

On its own (if you take away the whole cheating on your girlfriend component, which we realize is the point), that might be understandable. 

Pregnancy doesn't make a woman less attractive (some would say more so). But when she says she's 16 and that doesn't bother him either?

Yikes. That is beyond wrong.

Here's hoping Vanessa dumps him immediately if not sooner, and gets the guy some professional help, because clearly he has issues.

Watch the whole thing below.

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