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Blake Lively doesn’t have a lot she can complain about in life.

She’s very good looking. She has an adorable daughter. And… well… have you seen her husband?!?

The beautiful star’s biggest scandals these days have to do with the way she talks about her butt.

However, Lively was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, touching on the subject of someone else’s butt.

The one that belongs to legal half Ryan Reynolds.

Lively told a story to Fallon and his audience about a rather awkward plane flight she endured over the weekend with her infant child.

She had to spend Father’s Day starting at many others on her flight watching Deadpool on their personal devices; you know, the film that features at least one major sex scene between Reynolds and another woman.

"It’s kind of torture these days because I’m on a plane and everywhere I look, every screen, is my husband in a sex montage… with another woman," Lively said.

"Because everybody wants to watch Deadpool on the plane. But, like, for 14 hours having your husband having, like, mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole… it’s lovely.

"It’s a cruel and unusual form of torture.

Mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole. We really don’t hear that phrase often enough.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: So Cute!
Photo via Instagram

How does the couple’s toddler feel about these NSFW scenes?

"My daughter goes, ‘Dada!’ and she starts, like, hugging and kissing the screen and waving at him and he’s not waving back and she doesn’t understand why he’s not waving back at her, because she thinks it’s like FaceTime," the actress said.

That’s hilarious.

Watch Lively tells these stories below and try not to feel TOO badly for her.

She still gets to have sex with Ryan Reynolds any time she wants.