Ben Higgins: I'm Engaged!!!

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Ben Higgins isn't just a heart-breaker.

He's also a rules-breaker.

The reality star has made it unnecessary for fans of this franchise to search around the Internet for The Bachelor spoilers, coming right out in an interview on Good Morning America today and dropping the following bombshell:


The major announcement comes on the heels of Ben telling both Lauren and JoJo on the most recent episode of The Bachelor that he loves them, another series no-no.

But you can't tell Ben Higgins what to do, network executives!

“I’m, you know, engaged. I can say that? I haven’t said that in an interview yet," Higgins declares below.

We still don't know to whom Higgins is engaged, of course, giving us a reason to watch The Bachelor online both next week for The Women Tell All special and then in two weeks for the finale itself.

“You don’t know how much stress and weight that is to carry on you for so long,” Higgins adds, concluding:

"Good Morning America, I am engaged! Yes! Finally!"

We'll see if he's that happy after he received an angry phone call from Chris Harrison.

Check out the interview with Higgins and then choose your side: Are you Team Lauren? Team JoJo? Or Team These Women Are Better Off Without Ben?

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