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Beauty and the Beast looks like it’s going to be a good movie!

The upcoming movie boasts a cast that includes Emma Watson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson.

Emma Watson is poised to be a delight in the role of Belle, but it seems like the Belle in this tale is quite a bit older than the one from the fairytales.

Could this make for a much darker adaptation this time round?

What we do know is that Watson’s Belle will be taken prisoner in the castle by Dan Steven’s beast. 

The teaser doesn’t give much away. 

Seriously, at 90 seconds we’d have expected more. 

It succeeds in setting up the look of the film, but that’s about it. 

We only get to see Belle for a small portion of it. 

Disney are obviously trying to keep some elements of the movie under wraps. 

Might this be addressed when the full trailer drops?

We’re probably in for a long wait considering the movie won’t be opening until March 2017. 

Everyone loves a good love story, but it is pretty odd that the movie is coming out just weeks after Valentine’s Day.

It’s clear they know they have a hit on their hands.

It’s a still a long way off, but we’re expecting great things from this one. 

With that cast alone, how could it possibly go wrong?

Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into the mess that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice turned out to be.

That movie had a great cast, sucked on so many levels. 

What did you think of the trailer?

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