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The totally insane woman in this video has a question for anyone celebrating the legalization of gay marriage: Are you a Christian?

Actually, sorry. Let us do a better impression of the totally insane woman in this video.

She’s really asking: ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?

We hate to help turn Indiana native Becky Wegner Rommel into a viral sensation, but some videos are too amazing not to share… even when those videos are filled with hate and maniacal ranting.

Rommel is entitled to her opinion on gay marriage, of course, but she goes off in this footage (which she uploaded to Facebook) about Islamic “Extremlists” (that’s not a misspelling on our part), while decreeing over and over that “five justices decided God was wrong.”

She also has strong takes on abortion and how God did on a cross for the “very people who are spitting on His face right now" and on how disappointing the Founding Fathers must be in this Supreme Court decision.

Becky ends by begging her fellow Christians to take a stand.

It’s safe to say someone does not believe love won last week. This poor woman.