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Move over, Kimoji. Amber Rose’s "MuvaMoji" is hitting the app store, and it makes you look like Sesame Street.

When Kim Kardashian released the second iteration of her personalized emoji collection, fans winced at how blatantly ratchet it was, but Amber’s new line is like Kimoji on Viagra.

While Kimoji’s got Kim twirling on a stripper pole; with MuvaMoji, Amber’s buttcheeks eat the pole. Kimoji boasts a close-up of Kim’s breasts; MuvaMoji’s boobs jiggle.

Amber’s little icons also include all the literal sex symbols you’ve been dying to send your crush but couldn’t find, like a penis pump, a butt plug, a vibrator and KY Jelly.

Because why beat around the bush with an old fashioned wink emoji? What are we, 80??

However, MuvaMoji also makes some pointed political and social statements with numerous rainbow-themed emoji supporting gay rights, a "Free Kesha" icon and another of Bill Cosby holding a sign that reads, "I DID IT." 

We don’t know how Kim feels about her once-nemesis introducing an emoji app that rivals hers, but Amber has had nothing but sweet things to say about the reality star over the past couple months.

After Kim posted a controversial nude selfie earlier this month, Amber was one of the first to rush to her defense. Later, the blonde told Nightline that the two texted all the time and were basically BFFs. 

Amber even invited Kim to share her personal story of slut-shaming (you know, the sex tape) at the second annual Slut Walk this year.

In 2015, Amber hosted the inaugural event in Los Angeles to speak out against misogyny and sexist double standards.

We don’t know if Kim will accept the invitation or if she’ll even download Amber’s new emoji, but I’ll bet the alleged constant texting between these two just got a lot more interesting.