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Have we mentioned recently how awesome Adele is?

She posts a throwback photo as a piece of single cover art.

She hates working out as much as you do.

Oh, and she’s also crazy talented, humble and hilarious.

Did we also mention that she can play unexpected matchmaker?

In the following video, Adele is kicking off her world tour in Belfast at the SSE Arena.

At one point, she invites a woman named Hayley on to stage with her … and then Hayley goes ahead and proposes to her boyfriend, Neil!

"You have to say ‘yes,’" Adele announces after Neil appears to be unsure how to respond and the crowd begins to boo. "After three everyone say, ‘Come on, Neil.’"

"You need to say a proper yes, bruv," Adele adds. "You have to say yes."

Seriously, Neil. Go on and step up, man.

Watch the fun footage below and join us in wondering if it’s possible for any celebrity to get any cooler than Adele.