90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Do Josh and Aika Get Married?

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We've gotten to know the new 90 Day Fiance couples and grown to like (and perhaps dislike) some of them as they travel to be together decide if they want to potentially spend the rest of their lives together.

One of those new couples is Aika and Josh, and their relationship has ... a lot of complications. Some of which are contained in the video below.

Well, we know how how their engagement ends. Beware, folks -- spoilers below!

Aika and Josh

First, here's some background:

Aika is 36 and hails from Quezon City, Phillipines.

Josh is 43 and lives in Mesa, Arizona. (Meaning that yes, they're a couple with an appropriate age difference of a mere 7 years!)

There's a lot that's weird about these two.

For starters, the way that they met was an "accidental glitch" that placed Josh's dating app in the Phillipines when he lives in Arizona.

That's a story that we find about as believable as 

Some fans and viewers believed that Aika was more interested in a green card and being taken care of in the US than she was in Josh himself.

TLC's "love story" video for the two of them (full of creepiness; it's below) even ends with Aika reminding Josh that he'll be her provider.

Josh and Aika, Beach Pic

So ... did these two make it, or did they part ways?

According to the investigations by the good folks over at Starcasm, Josh and Aika got married.

Their marriage certificate says that they got married on September 7th.

Josh and Aika haven't officially announced this news, of course -- that's 90 Day Fiance's secret to reveal.

But the couple has been spotted all over the US for the past few months. Since Aika is only allowed to stay in the US for 90 days before getting married, that was already a pretty strong hint that the two had tied the knot.

Oh, and a number of sightings of the two involved the pair wearing matching rings.

Josh and Aika Selfie

Normally, we'd be offering up congratulations at this point.

But honestly ... we don't know that this is good news.

First of all, thanks to Reality Blurb, we know about Josh's criminal past.

His rap sheet includes a DUI, some credit issues that involved his wages being garnished, and, much more seriously, a domestic violence arrest.

Josh allegedly punched a 28-year-old woman in the face and pushed her down an embankment near their apartment.

Police apparently broke down the door when they heard her screaming for help from inside.

Josh managed to weasel out of it, however, because the woman -- as is not uncommon with domestic violence victims -- refused to press charges or cooperate with police.

We have no idea how much of this, if any, Aika knew.

We wish that we were surprised, but Josh has been alarming from the get-go, as you'll see in the video below.

Aika of 90 Day Fiance

In this video -- which yes, of course is edited -- Josh's every other sentence seems to raise a red flag.

He describes Aika as "like a trophy to me."

And then there's the fetishism when he says: "I've always kind of had a thing for Asian girls."

Dating Asian women is fine. Exclusively dating any one race of people because you have particular ideas about them being "sexier" than others is gross.

It gets worse somehow when he talks about the Phillipines having a low divorce rate, because it sure sounds like he wants an "exotic" beauty who will totally depend on him and never leave.

Which, we suppose, is why he waited only 5 days after meeting her to propose.

But they're married now. For better or for worse.

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