7-Year Old Surprises Friends with Prosthetic Leg, Receives Hero's Welcome

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We recently joked that kids are the worst.

And it's true; they can certainly be a handful.

But kids can also be the absolute best, surprising us in the most heartwarming and important of ways, such as evidenced by the video below.

girl with leg

It features a seven-year old girl named Anu. She lives in Birmingham, England and she sadly had her left leg amputated shortly after birth.

Her favorite colors are violet and pink… and she’s about to make your day.

With the help of some friends, that is.

You see, Anu recently received a special blade prosthetic, which allows her to run and participate in activities in ways that she simply could not before.

And when she debuted this incredible piece of technology at school, her pals gathered around in amazement, pride, joy and celebration.

girl and friends

"Is that your new pink leg?" one of them asks, while another exclaims "wow!"

These precious children then take turns giving Anu a hug, prior to skipping around the play area with her and putting the new leg to exciting use.

The footage has gone viral and you should not be ashamed if you need to reach for a box of tissues as you view it. You certainly won't be alone in doing so.

anu reaction


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