Wendy's Destroys Twitter Troll in Hilarious Exchange, User Deletes Account in Shame

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Wendy's social media manager deserves a raise this week after proving to a troll that if you're gonna serve beef, at least make it high quality.

In the literal sense, and the Twitter feud sense.

The company's official account posted a tweet about how unlike some of its major competitors, the fast food mainstay never freezes burgers.

A moronic Twitter user quickly took exception.

And Wendy's absolutely owned that user.

Seriously, you wouldn't think that if you came at Wendy's, you'd get served faster and more efficiently than a value meal at said restaurant chain.

That's exactly what happened though, and so badly that the user deleted his or her account in shame. Fortunately, the exchange went viral first.

"If you're having a bad day, just remember that you didn't get dragged by a fast food company on twitter," wrote another follower who screen grabbed it.

#Truth. Witness this amazing back and forth ...

1. You See This?

You See This?
It's made to order, and Wendy's is proud of its beef quality and the way it's served to consumers. Which led to this tweet by the company ...

2. 2 Cool 4 Frozen Beef!

2 Cool 4 Frozen Beef!
They didn't style it like the late music icon Prince, but the message was clear: Wendy's does not serve any frozen beef to its customers. Not now, not ever.

3. Thuggy-D Takes Exception

Thuggy-D Takes Exception
For reasons unknown, Twitter user Thuggy-D, a.k.a. @NHride, took issue with that statement; Wendy's was polite but firm in its response. Sorry you think that, Thuggy-D, but it's the truth! Unfortunately for @NHride, he/she did not take the hint ...

4. So You Have a Hot Truck?

So You Have a Hot Truck?
Obviously, the restaurant's methodology was lost on this Twitter troll, because even this pop quiz didn't get the point across.

5. He Had to Bring Up McDonald's

He Had to Bring Up McDonald's
Seemingly unaware of the punishment Wendy's was laying down, the troll then told the chain to just give up, because McDonald's rules. Wendy's response? LOL, you don't know what a refrigerator is!


Wow. Let this be your public service announcement to only serve fresh beef ... whether you're in the food service business or just talking about it.

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