Tyler Baltierra Goes OFF on Cate Haters: You're Tearing Me Apart!

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Say what you will about Tyler Baltierra, the guy has no filter when it comes to his emotions.

Tyler's fiery social media rants have become the stuff of legend among Teen Mom OG fans.

And while the reality star is sometimes criticized for taking himself a bit too seriously, he's being praised this week for taking on the haters who trash-talked his wife's appearance.

But is Tyler bravely taking on the internet's worst bullies -- or simply feeding the trolls?

Take a look and decide for yourself:

1. The Baltierras

The Baltierras
Tyler and Cate have had lots of ups and downs over the course of the past year, but these days, it seems their relationship is stronger than ever.

2. Cate on the Gram

Cate on the Gram
Tyler recently posted this photo of his wife on Instagram. He was not pleased with the response from fans.

3. Emotional Response

Emotional Response
“After yesterday’s post, I can’t help but get emotional when writing this,” Tyler wrote in response to the comments.

4. Heartbroken

“The unnecessary mean & disturbing comments made about my beautiful wife, really just breaks my heart to be honest, he continued.

5. Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces
"It doesn’t make me angry…it literally just rips my heart to pieces,” Tyler added.

6. Selfless Sacrifice?

Selfless Sacrifice?
Tyler went on to argue that Cate doesn't deserve any negativity from fans considering how openly she's shared her struggles over the years.

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