The Bachelor Season 25: Meet the Ladies Who May Compete for Matt James' Heart!

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In June, ABC announced that Matt James would be the next Bachelor, becoming the first Black Bachelor.

Season 25 is highly anticipated, and not just because it will be historic.

Matt is a good-looking guy who was making waves in the Bachelor Nation well before his casting was announced.

As leading man, he will have a veritable horde of gorgeous women competing to win his heart and become his fiancee.

ABC has now released a list of the women who may be on his season.

The list includes 43 gorgeous women with an age rage spanning about a decade.

Take a look at these hopeful contestants and figure out who's likely to be on the season -- which of them will be "ones to watch" as they romance Matt.

1. Season 25 will be historic

Season 25 will be historic
Matt James is the first Black leading man in the history of the show, which has run for a quarter of a century. Let's take a look at the lucky ladies competing to win the heart of this 28-year-old heartthrob.

2. Abigail, 25

Abigail, 25
Abigail is a 25-year-old vision from Salem, Oregon

3. Alana, 26

Alana, 26
Alana is a 26-year-old brunette beauty from San Antonio, Texas

4. Alicia, 24

Alicia, 24
Alicia is a lovely 24-year-old from Morgantown, West Virginia

5. Amber, 30

Amber, 30
Amber is a 30-year-old blonde bombshell from Rialto, California

6. Anna, 24

Anna, 24
Anna is a dazzling 24-year-old from Owatonna, Minnesota

7. Bri, 24

Bri, 24
Bri is a strikingly gorgeous 24-year-old from San Antonio, Texas

8. Brittany, 23

Brittany, 23
Brittany is a 23-year-old cutie from Chicago

9. Carolyn, 30

Carolyn, 30
Carolyn is a 30-year-old beauty from Newburyport, Massachusetts

10. Cassandra, 25

Cassandra, 25
Cassandra is a radiant 25-year-old from Lodi, California

11. Catalina, 29

Catalina, 29
Catalina is a 29-year-old knockout from Caguas, Puerto Rico

12. Chelsea, 29

Chelsea, 29
Chelsea is comely 29-year-old from Marietta, Georgia

13. Corrinne, 22

Corrinne, 22
Corrinne is a breathtaking 22-year-old from Pomfret, Connecticut

14. Emani

Emani is a captivating 25-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico

15. Illeana, 25

Illeana, 25
Illeana is a gorgeous 25-year-old from South Salem, New York

16. Jessenia, 27

Jessenia, 27
Jessenia is a 27-year-old cutie from San Antonio, Texas

17. Kaili, 26

Kaili, 26
Kaili is a 26-year-old heart-stopper from San Diego

18. Katie, 29

Katie, 29
Katie is a 29-year-old beauty from Lynnwood, Washington

19. Kennedy, 23

Kennedy, 23
Kennedy is a 23-year-old stunner from Washington DC

20. Khaylah, 28

Khaylah, 28
Khaylah is a 28-year-old bold beauty from the Bronx.

21. Kim, 28

Kim, 28
Kim is a 28-year-old hottie from Cypress, California

22. Kimberly, 28

Kimberly, 28
Kimberly is a jaw-dropping 28-year-old from Lake Tapps, Washington

23. Kit, 21

Kit, 21
Kit is a 21-year-old thirst trap from New York

24. Kristin, 27

Kristin, 27
Kristin is an irresistible 27-year-old from Virginia Beach, Virginia

25. Lauren, 29

Lauren, 29
Lauren is an alluring 29-year-old from Miami, Florida

26. Madison, 27

Madison, 27
Madison is a dazzling 27-year-old from Granger, Indiana

27. Magi, 32

Magi, 32
Magi is a stunning 32-year-old hailing from Adwa, Ethiopia

28. Mari, 24

Mari, 24
Mari is a 24-year-old heart-stopper from Luquillo, Puerto Rico

29. Marie, 25

Marie, 25
Marie is a 25-year-old dazzler from Sandusky, Ohio

30. Marylynn, 28

Marylynn, 28
Marylynn is a breathtaking 28-year-old from Huntington Beach, California

31. Michelle, 27

Michelle, 27
Michelle is a 27-year-old work of art from Woodbury, Minnesota

32. MJ, 23

MJ, 23
MJ is a 23-year-old show-stopper from Hudson, Ohio

33. Nicole Remy, 25

Nicole Remy, 25
Nicole Remy is a 25-year-old beauty from Lakewood, Washington

34. Nicole Rovner, 31

Nicole Rovner, 31
31-year-old knockout Nicole Rovner comes from Wilmette, Illinois

35. Pieper, 24

Pieper, 24
Pieper is a 24-year-old thirst trap from Happy Valley, Oregon

36. Rachael, 24

Rachael, 24
24-year-old dazzler Rachael hails from Cumming, Georgia

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