Teen Mom OG Reunion: Tyler and Catelynn Actually Hang with Daughter's Adopted Parents

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Teen Mom OG staged a reunion on Monday night.

But this was not a typical Teen Mom OG reunion.

Instead, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell actually had a chance to sit down with their first child's adoptive parents for an unusual on-ait interview. 

It had been a full decade  since Brandon and Theresa appeared at a reunion show.

What did the quartet discuss? How did this literally staged reunion go?

Scroll down to find out!

1. What's the Backstory Here?

What's the Backstory Here?
Way back when we first met Tyler and Catelynn on 16 and Pregnant, they talked about how the latter got pregnant, butt hey didn't think they were prepared to be parents.

2. As a Result?

As a Result?
They gave a daughter named Carly up for adoption to a couple named Brandon and Theresa.

3. Pretty Impressive, Right?

Pretty Impressive, Right?
We'd say so. We've always admired the reality stars for arriving at this realization and making this difficult decision at such a young age.

4. Have Tyler and Catelynn Met Carly in the Years Since?

Have Tyler and Catelynn Met Carly in the Years Since?
Yes, here and there. They even introduced daughter Nova to Carly several weeks ago for the first time.

5. How Did That Go?

How Did That Go?
Cameras were not permitted to film this special meeting, but Tyler did speak on air to Catelynn about it.

6. So... How Did It Go?!?

So... How Did It Go?!?
"Everything was smooth," Tyler told his wife. "Nova is older now so they're able to really play. They just clicked."

7. Quite a Moment

Quite a Moment
Added Catelynn of this unique encounter: "When you see all of your biological children together -- playing and mannerisms and walking the same -- it's just different."

8. So Much Emotion

So Much Emotion
The two families went to a local zoo during this visit, with Carly getting upset at one point. "I want to comfort her," Tyler said through tears in response. "Every time we see her, she's a totally different kid."

9. It's Hard, But Worth It

It's Hard, But Worth It
"It's never going to be easy to go see everyone and say hello and hang out and then say goodbye, but all of us that are involved would trade the couple days of sadness to have the visits -- to just have that bond," Tyler added during this emotional episode of Teen Mom OG.

10. Okay, But What About the Latest Episode?

Okay, But What About the Latest Episode?
First, on the 9/2/19 installment of the show, Tyler and Catelynn looked back on the day they placed their first daughter up for adoption to Brandon and Theresa, as Dr. Drew Pinsky asked the latter couple if they could have predicted that Tyler and Catelynn would still be together today.

11. Brandon and Theresa

Brandon and Theresa
"I mean, look at the clip, and if you go back to 16 & Pregnant, I mean, Catelynn and Tyler were pretty tight and bonded," Theresa replied. "So it's not necessarily surprising when we go back to what we think of what we knew of them when we first met them."

12. So Very Grateful

So Very Grateful
Some adoptions are closed, meaning the birth parents can never see their child. For this reason, Tyler expressed gratitude to Brandon and Theresa, saying on stage: "Thank you for letting us be involved and just see her and just being amazing parents for her. We couldn't have really asked for anything more, honestly."

13. Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect
Replied Brandon: "That's very kind. The first thing that comes to our mind, as always, is thankfulness and gratefulness for y'all. And I mean, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that."

14. The Overall Message? The Main Takeaway?

The Overall Message? The Main Takeaway?
"At the end of the day, regardless of what's going on personally with me and [Catelynn] or Brandon and Theresa, seeing all those girls together, it's like, this is what it's all about," Tyler has said. "Whatever we have to do to make sure this happens all the time, it is important for the kids."

15. All This Said, It Hasn't Been Easy

All This Said, It Hasn't Been Easy
Brandon and Theresa had absolutely no idea they would become quasi well-known for simply adopting a child way back in the day, a decade ago. It's been a weird arrangement, you know?

16. Awkardness All Around

Awkardness All Around
"The only thing I would say, just make sure the family you want your baby to be raised with, you know very, very well. They're your kid's whole world," Tyler previously said, sort of implying disappointment with Brandon and Theresa.

17. We're Just Different People

We're Just Different People
"We know Brandon and Teresa were a little more reserved than we were," Tyler added at this time. "We weren't raised around that kind of lifestyle, so we're like, that's how these well-off people act."

18. Any Regrets?

Any Regrets?
"If we would have known what we know now, we might have been like, we want kinda people that are kinda just relaxed," Tyler said, choosing his words carefully.

19. Overall, Though?

Overall, Though?
"Our situation's super not normal," Tyler acknowledged, referencing how this adoption story has taken on a life of its own to the continued success of Teen Mom.

20. Also Overall?

Also Overall?
Carly is happy and healthy -- and that's all that really matters.

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