Maci Bookout: Baby Plans Revealed!!

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Maci Bookout has had quite a tumultuous year.

Much of the drama in her life has had to do with the continued legal troubles of Ryan Edwards, the father of her first child, who's currently facing up to a year behind bars.

While much of the focus on Maci over the past year has had to do with Ryan's downward spiral, the mother of three has a whole lot on her mind these days aside from her ex's substance abuse issues.

Maci and husband Taylor McKinney have been open about their desire to expand their family, but even fans who hang on Bookout's every word might be surprised by exactly what the couple has in mind for their future ...

1. A Turbulent Year

A Turbulent Year
Saying it's a been a dramatic year for Maci would be putting it very mildly. The TMOG fan favorite has had to cope with challenges she probably never imagined for herself.

2. The Ryan Factor

The Ryan Factor
Many of Maci's most recent headaches have been a result of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his ongoing substance abuse and legal issues.

3. A Necessary Move

A Necessary Move
Maci recently filed for a restraining order against Edwards after he allegedly threatened McKinney's life. Now, Ryan is no longer permitted to have any contact with his son, Bentley.

4. Life Goes On

Life Goes On
But Maci's not letting the Ryan issue prevent her from living her life. In fact, she just opened up about some surprising new plans for the future.

5. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
Appearing on Kailyn Lowry's podcast this week, Maci revealed that she's still planning to adopt a fourth child.

6. A Bit of a Twist

A Bit of a Twist
The adoption news will come as no great shock to Maci fans, but even the most stalwart Bookout devotees might be surprised by the details of her plan ...

7. A Slight Change in Plans

A Slight Change in Plans
"We still want to adopt but it’s going to be down the road," Bookout told Lowry during a very candid interview.

8. For the Best

For the Best
While we're sure it pained Maci to put off the start of the adoption process, it was probably the best decision for everyone involved.

9. More Surprises

More Surprises
Not only have Maci and Taylor decided to hold off on welcoming a fourth child, they also have some specifics in mind for when they do begin the process.

10. An Older Adoptee

An Older Adoptee
"We don’t want to adopt a baby. We want to adopt a child. We want to make sure our family is in a perfect position to do so," Bookout says.

11. A Good Move

A Good Move
Yes, it seems Maci and Taylor are hoping to adopt a toddler, not a baby, which is wonderful, as adoption agencies typically have a harder time finding homes for non-infants.

12. Leading By Example

Leading By Example
Like her co-stars, Maci has a massive fan base, many of whom are young and impressionable. So when the millions who might seek to emulate her see Bookout adopting an older child, it could help to ease the strain on adoption agencies all over the country.

13. A Win-Win

A Win-Win
Obviously, that's not why Maci is adopting a toddler, but it's a nice potential bonus.

14. The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle
Not suprisingly, Maci is more concerned by the opinions of her family members than her fans. Fortunately, it looks as though everyone is on the same page ...

15. Bentley on Board

Bentley on Board
On the most recent season of TMOG, Maci asked her eldest son how he would feel about welcoming another sibling.

16. Agreement

Bentley responded with an enthusiastic "yeah!" which seemed to put a smile on his mother's face.

17. Not Slowing Down

Not Slowing Down
Even though it might be a year or more before Maci and Taylor even begin the adoption process, you can bet Maci won't be putting her life on hold.

18. Nude and Frightened

Nude and Frightened
Maci recently appeared on the grueling reality show Naked and Afraid, thus fulfilling a longtime dream.

19. Accepting the Challenge

Accepting the Challenge
Though she didn't last very long -- bowing out on her first day in the wilderness -- the fact that she even took on such a daunting challenge spoke to what fans love about Maci. And we're sure her kids love having the toughest mom in town.

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