Khloe Kardashian Lists Everything You Should Never Say to a New Mother

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Khloe Kardashian has learned a few things about motherhood since welcoming daughter True Thompson into the world.

And she's here to share that knowledges with her adoring fans!

The reality star, who gave birth to her first child in April 2018, took has taken to her app to rundown a list of statements and questions that make new moms such as herself cringe.

She's trying to do the public a service here.

She really wants to make sure you understand that these utterances should be off-limits when speaking to a woman who recently gave birth.

So get out a pad and paper and prepare to take some notes, okay?

Here we go...

1. Let's Begin...

Let's Begin...
Okay, the first thing to never ask a new mother is this: "Did you deliver naturally?" Must Khloe explain why this question is such a no-no? Yes? Okay, her answer is below.

2. Because It's MY Va-Jay-Jay!

Because It's MY Va-Jay-Jay!
"My vagina - its past, its present, its future - is none of your business! Period," writes Khloe, making a good point. Why would you ask a woman to detail the most painful and personal experience of her life?

3. What About Nursing? Can I Ask How Nursing is Going?

What About Nursing? Can I Ask How Nursing is Going?
NO! "This is just such a personal issue. You never know the private struggles someone could be going through and how terrible it may be making them feel," Khloe says.

4. Look, Khloe Understands... But Still

Look, Khloe Understands... But Still
"I totally get it that sometimes it's hard to know what to say to a new mom! I have my awkward moments, too," Khloe admits in this post. "There are a few things that are pretty much the worst things to hear after you've given birth, though. Like, please shut the f-ck up if you even TRY to brag about your good night's sleep."

5. Okay.... So What Else?

Okay.... So What Else?
Khloe also discourages others from making observations, like "You look tired," "Your baby cries a lot," and "I never see you anymore." Do people think women want to hear statements such as this? What is the sentiment behind them?

6. Let Khloe Explain Further:

Let Khloe Explain Further:
"A new mom is likely already sad about this, so this statement will most definitely cause tears - or anger," Khloe says of wondering out loud why she has seemingly become so anti-social. "Not a good idea."

7. Wait! There's More!

Wait! There's More!
Kardashian advises against asking if the mother wants more children... struggling with weight loss after baby... or telling her that one day she’ll “miss” the hard parts about having a newborn.

8. Also, Do NOT Say the Kid Looks Like the Dad

Also, Do NOT Say the Kid Looks Like the Dad
This is why: "It's annoying when you’ve carried a child, nourished a child, birthed a child, are newly responsible for a child … and they don't look a thing like you!"

9. A Weighty Issue

A Weighty Issue
The E! star also details how having conversations about weight can also be a sensitive subject for new moms: "The scale is the opposite of a new mom's happy place. I've been pretty damn lucky with my weight loss (trust, it's been WORK!) but everyone loses the lbs at their own pace."

10. The Only Perhaps More Off Limits Than Weight Talk?

The Only Perhaps More Off Limits Than Weight Talk?
The fashion designer told her readers to "never ever EVER bring up sleep" because "sleep deprivation is literally a form of torture."

11. Of Course, Khloe IS More Than Happy to Discuss Her Own Weight

Of Course, Khloe IS More Than Happy to Discuss Her Own Weight
"I'm chalking this up to the combination of breastfeeding and being very active during and after my pregnancy," she shared in another post on her app. "Staying healthy and active is something that's very important to me. Exercise is something I've always used to maintain my sanity and relieve stress. And, now that I have a baby, I still want to keep something that's my time, my space, something I'm doing for myself."

12. Does Anything Bother Her About Little True?

Does Anything Bother Her About Little True?
Yes, "I do get annoyed because she doesn’t give me any playtime on FaceTime," Khloe said, only half-joking. "She doesn’t care about me."

13. But She Does Love Her Cheating Father

But She Does Love Her Cheating Father
"Her dad, she smiles and [her] tongue sticks out, like, f-cking do the same thing to me!” she added, joking: "I am protesting. I am not going to FaceTime. It does nothing but bother me more."

14. Last Question:

Last Question:
You told us not to ask, but... will you have more kids? "It's impossible to think more than even two hours ahead when you're in the new-mom fog," Khloe said in response to this inquiry. Oh well. We tried.

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