Kailyn Lowry to Chris Lopez: Put Another Baby in Me!!!

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If it feels like we've been drowing in Kailyn Lowry drama lately, it's because we sort of have been.

There's been all sorts of stuff going on with her feud with Briana DeJesus -- we've been seeing the beginnings of it on Teen Mom 2, and it's still happening in real time, too.

And thanks to her weekly podcast, we've been learning all sorts of things about her, like her possible plans for plastic sugery and her desire to have a fourth child.

Oh, and speaking of that fourth child, Kailyn's offered up an update on that situation.

And you're not going to believe it.

1. Baby Daddy Drama

Baby Daddy Drama
So Kailyn has three children right now, and those three children have different fathers: she had her oldest son, Isaac, with high school boyfriend Jo Rivera, then she was married to Javi Marroquin when she had Lincoln, and finally, she conceived little Lux during a fling with Chris Lopez.

2. Good Terms

Good Terms
In the past, Kailyn and Jo haven't gotten along, and at one point things were so bad that she even got an order of protection against him. She moved with Isaac from their home state of Pennsylvania to Delaware, but he followed them, and eventually they were able to work things out.

3. OK Terms

OK Terms
Kailyn's also had plenty of ups and downs with Javi -- but like, major, major ups and downs. She had an order of protection against him, too, and their divorce was particularly messy. Things were OK with them for a while during her pregnancy with Lux, but he began dating Briana DeJesus shortly after, and things went south again. But now that Javi isn't dating one of her co-stars, they're doing all right.

4. And Then There Was Chris

And Then There Was Chris
As for Kailyn's relationship with Chris ... it's very, very confusing.


We've heard a few different stories, but the gist of it seems to be that they were friends who started hooking up, even though he had a girlfriend. It seems like she liked him more than he liked her, but she has said that her pregnancy with him was planned.

6. Oh, Girl ...

Oh, Girl ...
On the last season of Teen Mom 2, we saw her repeatedly reach out to Chris, only to be ignored. He didn't seem to want anything to do with her, and for a while, it looked like he wasn't going to be around for their baby at all.

7. Stepping Up

Stepping Up
But then, when Lux was born, Chris showed up at the hospital, and he even drove Kailyn home with their new little baby. We heard about him spending quality time with his new son, and it was all very sweet, for about three seconds.

8. Bad Times

Bad Times
Then, just a couple of months later, things had fallen apart again. She accused him of being a deadbeat dad. he accused her of keeping him from his son. There were even rumors that he'd been violent with her. It was a mess.

9. Briana, Dang

Briana, Dang
Briana recently brought up those rumors about Chris again on Instagram -- in response to a comment on a post, she claimed that Kailyn "gets beat the f--k up by Chris in front of her kids."

10. The Denial

The Denial
Chris denied it, saying he "NEVER" beat up Kailyn, and to his credit, there's never been any evidence that that particular rumor is true, besides the one tabloid report.

11. So. Much. Drama.

So. Much. Drama.
But the point of all this is that things between Kailyn and Chris are and have pretty much always been really, really bad.

12. Come On, Kail

Come On, Kail
Except for some reason, a new report from earlier this week claimed that during the Teen Mom 2 reunion that was filmed last weekend, Kailyn “was blubbering, saying that she can’t help it and that she still loves [Chris]." Because, you know, that makes sense.

13. ... Huh?

... Huh?
“Kail said that she used to be a lot like Javi is, sort of like a love addict who jumped from relationship to relationship,” the source said. "Then she said she’s been single for about nine months, yet she’s still in love with Chris.”

14. What is HAPPENING?

Except we're pretty sure she dated her friend Dom for a few months back in the winter ... so what is the truth?!

15. More Crying

More Crying
Apparently Kailyn cried and cried over Chris to Dr. Drew, telling him that “her feelings for Chris are different than the ones she’s had for anyone else and that she didn’t need to hear Dr. Drew’s speech about how she shouldn’t love him.”


And if that's true, then Kailyn's latest statements about Chris make a little more sense.

17. Sperm Donors?

Sperm Donors?
She's said multiple times now that she wants to have at least one more child, and that she's so done with relationships that hitting up a sperm bank is the best idea for her.

18. Chatting with Chelsea

Chatting with Chelsea
In this week's episode of her podcast, she had Chelsea Houska on as a guest, and she told her that she's “already started looking at the sperm banks," and that she's looking for a donor who is "tall, dark, and handsome, and maybe has a PhD.”

19. Noooo

But she's not set on going through a sperm bank -- she's also considering looking to one of the fathers of her children to help her out on this.

20. For Real?

For Real?
“I really want to write Chris a letter and request [his sperm] so that I have two full siblings," she told Chelsea.

21. But Why?

But Why?
It makes sense, kind of. Jo has been with his girlfriend for years, and they have a family of their own, so it seems unlikely that he'd donate his sperm to her, and her relationship with Javi is just super, super messy. Maybe since Chris is the least active co-parent she ahs to deal with, she figures he's her best bet.

22. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
Yeah, just kidding, it actually makes no sense at all.

23. Think About It, Girl

Think About It, Girl
After all the issues she's had with Chris, how could she possibly thinking having ANOTHER child with him would be a good idea?

24. Really Though

Really Though
She often complains that he isn't an active parent, so his relationship with Lux (or the lack of a relationship) clearly bothers her. Why bring more kids into that type of dysfunction?

25. Well, Best Wishes

Well, Best Wishes
But of course Kailyn is going to do what she wants to do, so whether she has a fourth child with Chris or with a sperm donor, or if she never has another baby at all, we wish her and her precious little family nothing but the best.

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