Leah Messer to Daughters: I'm Probably Getting Back With Jeremy Calvert

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For months now, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have been flirting - and flirting with the possibility of giving their relationship another shot.

And as Leah's daughters learned on Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, they may not have made it official yet, but ... come on.

These two are basically back together.

In the most noteworthy storyline from last night's installment (we hate to say it, but this show could use a healthy dose of Jenelle Evans drama), Leah's daughters stole her phone and examined her texts to Jeremy.

And because reality stars conveniently never lock their screens, the girls were able to uncover some surprising evidence.

Take a look at what they learned and how Leah reacted:

1. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
Leah and Jeremy's marriage may have been brief, but despite the fact that they called it quits in a hurry, Adalynn's parents never cut ties completely.

2. Together Again?

Together Again?
In recent months, these two have often taken their relationship way beyond the "flirtatious exes" level.

3. Reuniting at the Reunion

Reuniting at the Reunion
In fact, the two appear to have spent the night together while they were both in New York for this year's Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

4. Whatever You Say ...

Whatever You Say ...
At the time, Leah assured her sister that it was just a one-night affair. But as the months go by, it seems she and Jeremy are more than just friends with benefits.

5. Addie's Wish

Addie's Wish
The biggest proponents for Leah and Jeremy giving their relationship another chance are Leah's daughters, particularly her youngest, Adalynn.

6. A Girl With an Agenda

A Girl With an Agenda
Adalynn is Leah and Jeremy's only child together, and she's made it quite clear that she intends to see her parents reunited.

7. Teamwork

Of course, she's not alone in that wish. All three of Leah's kids are in favor of a Leah-Jeremy reunion, and on last night's episode, they took steps to determine whether or not it's happening,

8. Digging Up the Dirt

Digging Up the Dirt
"Let's see her texts to Jeremy," 9-year-old Aleeah exclaimed after stealing Leah's phone. "She said 'Heart, heart, kissy, heart' and he said 'cry, cry, kiss face,'"

9. TMI?

Leah's daughters seemed to already know a good deal about the Jeremy situation, and Addie called her mother out for getting "in bed" with her ex.

10. Confusing Response

Confusing Response
"I like Jeremy because it's Addie's dad," Leah told her daughters. "Do I think there's any possible relationship stuff? I honestly don't know."

11. Keeping It Casual

Keeping It Casual
"We're going with the flow, whatever happens, happens," Messer added. "We're doing the best thing for Addie. We are not dating, I am single, Jeremy's single, doing our thing."

12. Adult Themes

Adult Themes
On social media, a lot of viewers felt that Leah was unnecessarily burdening her daughters with some very grown-up concepts. Messer's subsequent comments seemed to anticipate that criticism.

13. The Importance of Self-Awareness

The Importance of Self-Awareness
"I also feel that is adult stuff I don't want you to be a part of," she added. "If something was happening I would definitely tell you."

14. Doubling Down

Doubling Down
Later in the episode, Leah was conversing with her sister Victoria when Addie interrupted and pressed the Jeremy issue again.

15. You May Not WANT to Be Confusing...

You May Not WANT to Be Confusing...
"You want to know if we're getting back together? Well, I don't want it to be confusing for you," said Leah. "I know you want us to get married but we don't know what would happen."

16. We're Pretty Sure Everyone Is Confused ...

We're Pretty Sure Everyone Is Confused ...
"Right now we get along and do fun stuff with you, isn't that nice?" Messer continued. "I don't want you to ever be confused. Mommy and daddy love you."

17. Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages
Furthering the confusion, Leah later spoke with Kailyn Lowry about the possibility of inviting Jeremy on their next trip to Hawaii.

18. The Kail Seal of Approval

The Kail Seal of Approval
Lowry agreed that it would be a good idea, and Leah then ran the idea past Jeremy ... she also filled him in on the phone incident.

19. Putting It Mildly

Putting It Mildly
"We were goofing off and Aleeah took it that we're sending each other kissy faces and she started running around the house saying that we were sending each other kissy faces and made a big deal out of it," she told Calvert.

20. Leveling Up

Leveling Up
"Addie took it to a whole other level," she added. "All kids have this idea their parents are going to be together but neither of us want to lead her on, so if anything, I was like, 'Addie, your daddy and I get together so we can have fun with you.'"

21. Making Excuses?

Making Excuses?
At that time, Jeremy revealed that he might not be able to join Leah in Hawaii.

22. The Right Call?

The Right Call?
We don't want to speculate too much about his motives in staying home, but Calvert might rightly feel that his presence on a family vacation would only result in further confusion for his daughter. Sorry, Leah!

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