Jenni Farley Explodes at Roger Mathews, Accuses Estranged Husband of Abuse in Epic Rant

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Jenni Farley has gone off on Roger Mathews.

The Jersey Shore star has shared a lengthy, emotional, candid and disturbing letter in which she claims her estranged husband abused her in a variety of verbal and physical ways.

This letter comes about six weeks after Farley and Mathews got into such a confrontation that police were called and a restraining order was granted against the latter.

Now, the situation has actually turned uglier.

Scroll down to find out why, to read Farley's full letter and to wonder what will happen next between the reality stars...

1. A Brief History:

A Brief History:
Mathews and Farley got married in October of 2015. Their relationship has been chronicled on MTV's Jersey Shore and its spinoff, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

2. They Share Two Kids

They Share Two Kids
3-year-old named Meilani and a 2-year-old Greyson, the latter of whom has been diagnosed with Austism.

3. Roger Mathews, JWOWW

Roger Mathews, JWOWW
Farley filed for divorce in September of 2018, citing “irreconcilable differences” on the papers that were entered into court in Ocean County, New Jersey.

4. Three Months Later...

Three Months Later...
... Farley was granted a order of protection against Mathews after some sort of major fight that ended with the cops talking to both parties.

5. Mathews Then Laid Into Farley

Mathews Then Laid Into Farley
He recorded multiple Instagram videos in the wake of their split, blasting Farley while telling his side of the story. "My wife, earlier tonight, we had a disagreement because she’s leaving again tomorrow for work and promised my daughter that she would be hanging out with her all day, whereas my daughter has the flu," he explained in one of them.

6. The TRUTH Will Come Out

The TRUTH Will Come Out
Roger made this claim over and over, ranting as follows: "This is my liberty and my justice. Jenni has more fans than me and more influence than me but what she does not have and has never had is the truth on her side. There is no “my truth” there is only THE TRUTH” and the public is about to see that in its rawest form. No narration needed. Just stay tuned. Justice will prevail in the end. I have nothing to hide."

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