Jenelle Evans, David Eason Losing Custody of Ensley & Maryssa Next?!

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These are hard times on The Land, folks.

Just one day after we learned that Jenelle Evans has lost custody of son Kaiser, it now appears as though the remaining two children who live with her might be next to be relocated.

According to a new report from Radar Online, investigators are currently attempting to determine whether or not Jenelle and husband David Eason are capable of providing a safe environment to their daughter, 2-year-old Ensley, and his daughter from a previous relationship, 11-year-old Maryssa.

And based on the latest developments on their troubled "homestead," Jenelle and David may have a very hard time proving that they're competent parents.

Take a look:

1. The Easons

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Jenelle and David. In fact, this may be the low point of their notoriously troubled relationship.

2. Justice For Nugget

The latest round of difficulties began when David -- during a fit of rage -- shot and killed the family dog, an 11-pound French bulldog named Nugget.

3. Standing By Her Man

Jenelle's decision to stay with David in the wake of this shocking act led to a loss of Teen Mom 2 corporate sponsors, which in turn, led to her being fired from the show.

4. The Investigation

David's appalling animal cruelty led Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith, to demand a welfare check for his son.

5. Police Intervention

"I guess there was a dispute with my ex-fiancée and her husband and he shot a dog. And there’s been multiple 911 calls of abuse,” Griffith told police.

6. Unsafe Environment

This week, Nathan's mother, Doris, was instructed by CPS to pick up Kaiser from daycare and take him to her home.

7. Call to Action

“Nathan’s mother Doris got a call from CPS and they told her they had done the investigation and she should go get Kaiser out of daycare,” says one insider.

8. Bye, Kai

“Kaiser was taken away Friday without my consent, before Mother’s Day, and I have been in touch with my lawyer pertaining this matter,” Jenelle confirmed in an interview with Us Weekly on Monday.

9. Just the Beginning

Now, Jenelle's worst nightmare may be coming true, as authorities are reportedly investigating her and David in order to determine if their home is a safe an environment for the two children who still live there.

10. Domino Effect

“CPS is looking to take Maryssa and Ensley away too,” one insider confirms to Radar Online.

11. Decisive Action

Fearing another repeat of the Kaiser incident, Jenelle and David reportedly leapt into action upon learning they were under further investigation.

12. "Rescuing" Ensley

The source says the couple “picked Ensley up from daycare as soon as they heard.”

13. Just Sayin'

(Why Ensley spends so much time in daycare when both of her parents are unemployed is anyone's guess, but that's a conversation for another time.)

14. Not Helping

“CPS wanted to talk to Jenelle and David, but they both refused to talk to them,” the source told Radar. “David cussed CPS out.”

15. A Shrinking Family

Jenelle and David have five children between them, but Ensley and Maryssa are the only two who still live with them on The Land.

16. The Forgotten Son

David is not even allowed visitation rights for his son Kaden, and he was recently ordered to fork over $5,000 in back child support to the boy's mother.

17. Safe Space For Jace

Jace has been in the custody of Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans for most of his life.

18. A Smart Decision

Following the dog murder incident, Barbara decided that Jenelle's home was unsafe for Jace, and he has not been over there since.

19. Understandable Fear

“Jenelle was told that Jace doesn’t want to go over there at all,” Radar‘s source stated. “She was told Jace is terrified of David because David is escalating.”

20. Of Course She Does

Jenelle, of course, believes that Barbara has ulterior motives for keeping Jace at home.

21. Settling a Grudge?

“My mom is keeping Jace from me, nobody else,” she says. “I only had Ensley with me for Mother’s Day this year. And my mom is taking it out on me for being let go from MTV.”

22. Making Nice

Not surprisingly, Jenelle claims that the Kaiser situation is all a big misunderstanding, and the boy's father wants him to be with his mother.

23. Whatever You Say, Jenelle ...

"Me and Nathan have been in contact during all of this. He doesn’t want Kaiser taken from me," she tells Us Weekly.

24. An Open Investigation

As for the investigation into whether or not the home is safe for Ensley and Maryssa, the Easons certainly aren't making it any easier for the authorities.

25. Dangerous Ground

Investigators have not yet gained access to the property “partly because authorities believe it’s treacherous to enter the property given David’s temper combined with his firepower.”

26. More to Come

We'll have further updates on this insane situation as more information becomes available.

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