Bristol Palin: Dakota Meyer Has Ditched My Son... and It Sucks!

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Bristol Palin has not enjoyed her time thus far as a cast member on Teen Mom OG.

She may like the giant check in her bank account and the renewed attention she has received as a result of joining this franchise...

... but nearly every scene that features Bristol so far has involved her either arguing with Dakota Meyer or crying over the state of their relationship.

This relationship is now over, of course, as Palin and Meyer filed for divorce months ago.

However, viewers have been watching the marriage fall apart all season long on Teen Mom OG, with an upcoming episode dedicated specifically to Palin packing up her stuff and moving out.

What will be the most painful part of this split for Bristol that we see highlighted on the installment?

Scroll down to find out:

1. So Long, Farwell

So Long, Farwell
On the October 29, 2018 episode of Teen Mom, Palin will move out of the home she shared with Meyer and attempt to move on with her life. As she does so, however, she will talk to a producer and share what hurts the most about this break-up.

2. So... What Hurts the Most?

So... What Hurts the Most?
According to footage from this episode, it's the impact that her divorce has had and will continue to have on nine-year old son Tripp. "He hasn’t reached out to Tripp and Tripp is crushed by it,” Bristol tells the producer of Meyer. “It breaks my heart."

3. That Sucks So Much!

That Sucks So Much!
Tripp was born to Bristol and ex-fiance Levi Johnston back in 2009. But the very young man had grown close to Meyer over the years.

4. What About Tripp's Biological Dad?

What About Tripp's Biological Dad?
Thankfully, Johnston, has actually stepped up to the plate and become a great father. “I’m thankful Tripp’s dad is doing amazing. We’ve turned a corner," Bristol says on this episode of her relationship with her ex.

5. What About Dakota and His Daughter?

What About Dakota and His Daughter?
Bristol and Meyer share two young girls, Sailor, 2, and Atlee, 1. And Palin at least acknowledges that Dakota remains close to these kids and is a great dad to them.

6. There Has Been Controversy Over These Kids, However

There Has Been Controversy Over These Kids, However
In a video sponsored by MTV in promotion of the new season, Bristol said the following about her past with Meyer: “I got engaged and pregnant within a month. Planned a wedding. And I was like, ‘I can’t get married.’ Called off the wedding. Went through the whole pregnancy by myself."

7. By Yourself?!?!?!?

By Yourself?!?!?!?
Dakota was very pissed off when this video went viral. He took extreme exception to the notion that he abandoned Palin when she was pregnant with their first child.

8. What Did He Say in His Own Defense?

What Did He Say in His Own Defense?
A whole lot. "We planned a wedding with our families and friends and Bristol decided to leave me a week prior. I spoke with her family every month and made it clear I would be the father of my child," Meyer said in a lengthy Instagram post on the subject.

9. He Had Plenty More to Say, Too

He Had Plenty More to Say, Too
Continued Meyer in this reply: "I reached out to her before Sailor was born and asked what the plan was to co-parent. She told me to go through the courts to establish paternity."

10. Wait... There's More:

Wait... There's More:
“I found out my child was born on Twitter,” Meyer added in response to Bristol's video, expounding as follows: "Can you imagine being a dad and not being allowed to be at your child’s birth? She denied my paternity until it could be proven, at which point Sailor was born."

11. Eff You, Bristol!

Eff You, Bristol!
In conclusion? Wrote Meyer: "For Bristol to state that Sailor didn’t have a dad is laughable. What really happened is Bristol kept our daughter from having a father present at birth and until the courts ruled that I was her father.”

12. Bristol Begs to Differ

Bristol Begs to Differ
"I turn my other cheek on a lot of things, and I will continue to do so because my children deserve parents who respect each other," Bristol then said in response to Meyer's response, adding: "But for Dakota Meyer to say that he found out about the birth of our daughter from Twitter is absolutely not true."

13. HE'S EVIL!

Continued Palin in this interview with Radar Online a few weeks back: "I will not stand by and allow false evil information, such as this, to be printed for our daughter to see one day."

14. Palin Says the Two DID Stay in Contact Throughout Her Pregnancy

Palin Says the Two DID Stay in Contact Throughout Her Pregnancy
"Dakota told me not to contact him when we broke up. I reached out to him at my twelve week ultrasound appointment, letting him know that it was most likely a girl and when she was due. I did not hear from him again until a couple of days before my due date when I received a letter stating he had the tools and expected to be a custodial parent. He told me he wanted a 50/50 agreement on our unborn baby. As most concerned mothers would - I froze."

15. Yes, I Was Alone, Bristol Insists

Yes, I Was Alone, Bristol Insists
"I had just gone through nine months of pregnancy without the support, or even acknowledgment, from Dakota," Bristol emphasizes, reiterating that she had no support at the time at all from her second baby daddy.

16. What About That Whole Twitter Accusation?

What About That Whole Twitter Accusation?
"My father and Dakota had kept in touch after our breakup and let Dakota know that I was in labor," Bristol says about the allegation that Meyer found out Sailor was born via Twitter. "I sent Dakota a picture of our newborn baby girl right after she was born and I did not get a response. My father also sent him a picture of Sailor Grace."

17. Don't Look at Me, Bristol Concludes!

Don't Look at Me, Bristol Concludes!
"I did not post anything on social media about the birth of our daughters out of respect for Dakota. On Christmas Eve, I was sent a news article of Dakota's social media post congratulating himself on the birth of our child."

18. Both Sides Could Be Right

Both Sides Could Be Right
Perhaps Meyer found out about Sailor on Twitter, just not from Bristol's Twitter feed. Who the heck really knows? The main point here is that there's been tension for years.

19. HOWEVER...

Bristol and Dakota got back together, got married AND had another child even after this whole disagreement/debacle.

20. Despite All This Drama...

Despite All This Drama...
... Bristol says on this upcoming Teen Mom OG episode that she’s glad she and Dakota got divorced. How come? Because “I’m feeling relieved," she says. "I can get back on my own. I can be a better mom and have more patience and not be walking on egg shells."

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