Briana DeJesus Slams Baby Daddy: You Never See Your Daughter!

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Amid all the drama involving Jenelle Evans (and there's a lot of it), it's easy to forget that some members of the Teen Mom 2 cast are still just doing the mom stuff the show was supposed to focus on.

Of course, that often involves baby daddy drama, which is something that Briana DeJesus knows all about.

Briana's relationship with Stella's father Luis has always been strained, but in recent months, the situationnhas become untenable.

Fans have speculated that it's Briana's relationship with Johnny Rodriguez that's causing the strife.

Others believe it's Luis' shotty parenting.

According to Briana, both play a role.

Take a look at her most recent comments on the matter:

1. Not Happy

Not Happy
Briana might be all smiles here, but it seems the Teen Mom 2 star is NOT happy with her younger daughter's father.

2. Deadbeat Dad?

Deadbeat Dad?
It seems Luis Hernandez has not been playing a very large role in the life of 18-month-old daughter Stella in recent months.

3. Filling In

Filling In
In fact, as many fans have noticed, it seems that Stella feels more comfortable around Briana's new boyfriend, Johnny Rodriguez.

4. The New Dad

The New Dad
That's a surprising development, especially since Johnny lives in New York, while Briana and her daughters are still based out of Orlando.

5. So What Gives?

So What Gives?
Is Briana encouraging her daughter to form a closer relationship with Johnny than with Luis?

6. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
That's the assumption many fans jumped to, but Bri recently took to Twitter to argue that's not the case.

7. Viewer Outrage

Viewer Outrage
“I’M MAD that Stella opened up quicker to John verses her own father. SAD. @_BriBabyx3 #TeenMom2,” one fan tweeted.

8. Addressing the Anger

Addressing the Anger
It's not entirely clear why the fan was so outraged by that, but regardless, Bri was quick to respond.

9. Stating the Facts?

Stating the Facts?
“John speaks to Stella every day via FaceTime," Briana replied. "That’s why.”

10. Show of Support

Show of Support
Briana's followers were quick to share their belief that DeJesus is doing the right thing by encouraging Stella to form close relationships with the other men in her life.

11. Good Point

Good Point
"So sad that all it would take was a quick FaceTime call every day, but some of these real dads can’t even do that,” wrote one follower.

12. Blame Luis

Blame Luis
“Yup, Stella not opening up to Luis is his own fault. No one else’s. So, be mad at Luis," another echoed.

13. Facts All Around

Facts All Around
“Nothing to be mad about. He puts in the work to build that relationship and her dad doesn’t. It is what it is," a third tweeted.

14. Moving On

Moving On
And it seems it's not just Briana's new man who's found it easy to bond with her younger daughter.

15. Devoin the Dad

Devoin the Dad
On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Bri revealed that Stella also enjoys spending time with her first baby daddy, Devoin Austin.

16. Finding Role Models Where She Can

Finding Role Models Where She Can
“This is nice. She likes Devoin. It’s crazy how Stella doesn’t want anybody else,” Bri told her sister Brittany in the episode.

17. Sad Situation

Sad Situation
Briana went on to explain that Stella has been known to "run up" to Devoin when he enters a room -- something she never does for Luis.

18. Brittany's Take

Brittany's Take
“It should bother Luis,” Brittany said. “If Luis were around more, even a FaceTime call, [she would] know his voice and she would run up to Luis definitely.”

19. Soon to Get Worse

Soon to Get Worse
Briana went on to explain that Luis plans to continue moving for job prospects, which will further remove him from his daughter's life.

20. Changing Plans

Changing Plans
“He found an apartment with a friend,” she told her mom and sister during the episode. “His plans always change every time I see him."

21. Figure It Out, Bro

Figure It Out, Bro
"Supposedly [he has a] DJ job, supposedly [he’s going to be] a welder, a cop," she added. "We’ll see if he’s gonna be around or not.”

22. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
Sounds like it's a very good thing Stella has men like Johnny and Devoin in her life!

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