Apple Announces iPhone 7, Wireless Headphones: Twitter Reacts in Horror

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Well, another big Apple event was held today, and that usually means people across social media freaking out over a very small change to a popular product.

But this time the changes are bigger and more controversial than usual.

It seems Apple has decided to 86 the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which means users will either have to plug in old school headphones using a lightning jack adapter or shell out for wireless headphones.

Not surprisingly, the company also introduced its new AirPod wireless ear buds today, which look like they should come with a built-in hole in your pocket to ensure that you lose them on day one.

Naturally, the the reactions from Twitter have been hilariously outraged.

They're even funnier when you pause to consider how many of these tweets were sent using Apple products:

1. iPhone 7 Photo

iPhone 7 Photo
Apple announced the release of the iPhone 7 today. The lack of a headphone jack sparked some serious outrage on social media.

2. Titanic Burn

Titanic Burn
Even if you die an old lady, warm in your bed, you'll still be pissed about the iPhone 7.

3. Life's Too Short!

Life's Too Short!
Ryan makes a solid point about the inconvenience of wireless ear buds.

4. Throwback Jack

Throwback Jack
Soon, headphone jacks may be a thing of the past. Millennials, you're officially getting old.

5. Air Bud

Air Bud
Josh Groban tweeted this photo, along with a caption reading, "#AirPods? I guess another name was taken."

6. Apple + Headpones = Hilarity

Apple + Headpones = Hilarity
Time TV critic Daniel D'Addario tweeted the above photo along with a caption reading, "Sad I won't be able to use headphones with my Apple products like I used to."

7. Ripoff

Some folks dispensed with the humor and cut right to the heart of what's going on here.

8. Do AirPods Look Like Hair Dryers?

Do AirPods Look Like Hair Dryers?
Yes. Yes indeed they do.

9. The Most Lose-able Tech Product Ever!

The Most Lose-able Tech Product Ever!
A solid point from Kofie. Keep your eyes peeled, folks!

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