Amelia Gray Hamlin: Lord Knows Why She's Instagram's Hottest Model!

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On June 13, 2001, actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin welcomed Amelia Gray Hamlin into the world.

Not all celebrity kids go on to become celebrities themselves. Amelia, however, has officially arrived.

She entered adulthood and became a successful model, all before her 20th birthday.

Lisa has shared that Amelia's career boom has seen her make more than her parents.

Being a busy, super famous model can be a lucrative career, even if you're not dating Scott Disick.

And it's become undeniably clear that Amelia has the skill, the training, and the attitude for modeling.

She is also outrageously gorgeous, whether she's modeling or just snapping a selfie.

(At times, it's difficult to tell the difference.)

Take a look below at some of Amelia's most jaw-dropping photos of all time and see what we mean:

1. Amelia!!

She has a stunning profile from any angle, and she knows it.

2. Oh my ...

Oh my ...
Amelia snapped this bed selfie, looking anything but lazy in this flattering white top.

3. Ah, the great outdoors?

Ah, the great outdoors?
Amelia stands here in a semi-outdoor shower. She's not "dressed" for a shower but in that barely-there bikini, she's most of the way there.

4. In lingerie

In lingerie
Amelia isn't just a run-of-the-mill hot celebrity kid -- she's a professional model, as this snap from a lingerie promotion proves.

5. Blue is so her color

Blue is so her color
This particular cobalt is flattering to her skin tone and to her hair and eyes.

6. Or is it ... red?

Or is it ... red?
Amelia is also a total knockout in red, as you can clearly see in this sweltering snap.

7. Mango?

Modeling this eye-catching yoga wear, Amelia may be demonstrating that she looks good in literally every color.

8. Lavender, too

Lavender, too
Or maybe she looks good in every color because every color looks good on her?

9. Red, white, blue, and nothing ...

Red, white, blue, and nothing ...
Amelia doesn't need a flattering outfit to turn heads. In 2020, she used her platform and her outrageous good looks to encourage fans and followers to vote. She certainly got people's attention!

10. Amelia with a fan

Amelia with a fan
Is this conspicuously older Guy Fieri impersonator bothering you, ma'am? (Kidding, that is Scott Disick)


If your goal in getting dressed is to beat the cold or to adorn yourself with flashy colors, this might not be for you. But Amelia is dressed to render those who gaze upon her speechless and immobile, like Medusa before her. WOW.

12. If you've got it, flaunt it

If you've got it, flaunt it
Amelia is baring her midriff like it's 1997, a year that Amelia does not remember because she was not born yet. If that knowledge upsets you on a visceral level, just turn your attention to her hotness and let the cruel march of time fade away.

13. She learned from the best

She learned from the best
Amelia's mother, Lisa Rinna, is no slouch when it comes to modeling, acting, reality TV, or just about anything else.

14. We believe it's spelled ... "werk"

We believe it's spelled ... "werk"
Amelia is pulling off the fun, carefree model who is nonetheless super hot and wearing lingerie look in this photo. Glorious.

15. You, tube

You, tube
Did you know that in the UK, tube tops are known sometimes as "boob tubes" for their effect upon cleavage? Just something that we mention for no reason.

16. Aren't you a little short for an Instagram follower?

Aren't you a little short for an Instagram follower?
Amelia's hundreds of thousands of followers are in for a treat every time that she posts a photo, and they know it.

17. Bored but never boring

Bored but never boring
Even this girl's car selfies are hot-hot-hot! And not because she forgot to roll down the windows.

18. Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun
Amelia's neon bikini is so full of hot pink and orange that it looks like the coloring of a tasty fruit-flavored beverage. That's good, because any fan looking at these pics is going to be positively thirsty.

19. If you're cold, they're cold

If you're cold, they're cold
Sometimes, even the hottest gals need to put on a sweater, even if it makes everyone around them weep in despair.

20. She's got selfie game

She's got selfie game
It's admittedly easy to take good selfies when you're hot, because every pic comes out a masterpiece. At least ... every pic that you post.

21. Gorgeous in any lighting

Gorgeous in any lighting
It's pretty much impossible to take a bad picture when you look this good, but gorgeous lighting never hurts.

22. Fab in Florida

Fab in Florida
Suffice it to say, her recent trip to the Sunshine State with Lord Disick was a sizzling one.

23. Back in Black

Back in Black
Not an angle you always get to see on the Instagram, so we truly appreciate that she posted this one.

24. Welcome to Miami

Welcome to Miami
Try not to let your jaw hit the floor too hard after gazing upon this photo of Amelia in Miami, Florida.

25. Thank you Amelia for this feast

Thank you Amelia for this feast
Her beauty doesn't quit, and neither do her fans!

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