19 Hilarious Sidewalk Flyers

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These posters were actually placed on telephone polls and bulletin boards around the country. They're amazing!

1. Have You Seen This Flier?

Have You Seen This Flier?
Take a tab if so!

2. Take My Number!

Take My Number!
Just don't try calling it. It may not work.

3. Are You Qualified?

Are You Qualified?
Take note: no weirdos allowed!

4. I Make Stick Figures!

I Make Stick Figures!
Don't act like you're not impressed.

5. Make Your Own Octopus

Make Your Own Octopus
But... is it still an octopus with fewer legs?

6. Evil Doers Beware!

Evil Doers Beware!
There's a slow and very dangerous animal out there.

7. Who is Awesome?

Who is Awesome?
What'cha gonna do, pedestrians, when Hulk Hogan directly points at you?!?

8. FREE Paper

FREE Paper
Go right ahead. Take some.

9. LOST...

... my virginity! I'd like some props please!

10. FOUND...

... lost dog flyers. Is there a reward for these?

11. Tearable Pun Alert!

Tearable Pun Alert!
Just try not to laugh while reading these.

12. Free Mustaches Here!

Free Mustaches Here!
Go on and man up, people!

13. Free Drinks!

Free Drinks!
Isn't that all that really matters here?

14. This is Not a Cat

This is Not a Cat
Seriously. Don't call this number!

15. This Is Just Wrong

This Is Just Wrong
But, as admit it, we laughed. Out loud.

16. Make a Choice

Make a Choice
And try not to die of dysentery. (Shout out to Oregon Trail!)

17. Have You Seen This Bird?

Have You Seen This Bird?
Who hasn't, right?!?

18. Have You Seen Him?

Have You Seen Him?
For your sake, we really hope not.

19. How Were You Born?

How Were You Born?
Choose your answer wisely.

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