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With all due respect to Blake Lively’s Oakland booty, Raylynn, a Georgia resident and body positive Instagram sensation, has a 70-inch waist.

Yes, seventy. And she’s damn proud of it, to boot(y).

Boasting 122,000 fans on the photo-sharing network, Raylynn regularly uploads photos of her insane curves – and hears it from critics.

Accused of using Photoshop to make her arse look bigger, she shut the haters down with new pics – and video – to prove its legitimacy.

One can see why some observers were skeptical.

Not only is she carrying most of her weight on her hips, she boasts a tiny waist and slim shoulders, and the waist measures 70 INCHES!

Raylynn’s proportions may be a result of lymphoedema, a build up of fluid in the tissues, causing them to swell to unusually high levels.

Numerous fans have made reference to Raylynn and the condition in comments on her photos, a;though it’s not clear if she has this.

What IS clear is that she’s loving all of the attention.

Raylynn describes herself as a top PAWG – phat ass white girl – often pokes fun at her own figure and has turned her bod into a business.

You can see exclusive videos and pictures for a special subscription of $11.99 a month. Don’t look for any sex tapes or pics, however.

“I’m not a porn star, I’m not going to be a porn star,” she said when asked about this. “You’ve got to be talking a million. I have a daughter.”

“She doesn’t want to see her mama’s vagina [online].”

“Modelling, advertising, workouts is where I’m heading to shape my figure into a better bigger booty. ‘I’m a jiggly motherf–ker!”

“I want a tighter butt. Keep the size, but let’s firm it up.”

Good plan. Now, for the photos – and video, proving the authenticity of that amazing arse – that you have all been waiting for …