14 Weird Burgers You Have to Try

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Think you know burgers? Think again! Here are 13 weird burgers you have to try. They're insanely good.

1. Spaghetti Burger

Spaghetti Burger
This is a real food item available in Japan. It combines spaghetti with a hamburger.

2. Mt. Olympus Burger

Mt. Olympus Burger
What ISN'T on the Mt. Olympus burger? Red Robin's menu item features: avocado, spinach dip, walnuts, thin sliced onions, and a whole lot of other stuff we can't even see. Delish!

3. Backyard Blowout Burger

Backyard Blowout Burger
Why have a plate of separate cookout foods when you could just pile them all on top of your burger and put them between the buns? This one might be tricky to eat, but it all ends up in the same place anyway, right?

4. The Hank

The Hank
The Hank is a specialty of Atlanta pop-up restaurant Illegal Food. The beef is hand-ground daily, pickles are made in-house, and you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of the chef's secret sauce. Mmm Mmm good.

5. Fat Elvis Burger

Fat Elvis Burger
The Fat Elvis burger from The Vortex, also in Atlanta, is a burger topped with bacon and...peanut butter, an homage to The King's favorite sandwich: peanut butter and bananas.

6. Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy
The Juicy Lucy was developed in Minneapolis, MN, in the kitchen of Matt's Bar. You might find similar burgers elsewhere, but they're just cheap imitations. Accept no substitutes.

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