12 Military Photos That Will Leave You in Awe

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We strongly support the troops here at The Hollywood Gossip.

And while it may not be our usual type of content, we wanted to take a few moments to honor our men and women fighting overseas.

Below, we therefore present a collection of perfectly-timed military photos that will leave you in absolute awe of these heroes:

1. We Did It!

We Did It!
We cannot fathom the pride one must feel upon graduationg from a service academy.

2. Blue Angels in Action

Blue Angels in Action
Flying a plane in general leaves us in awe. But flying four planes like this?!?

3. Salute from the Sky

Salute from the Sky
No CGI use here. This is real and amazing.

4. Take Cover!

Take Cover!
What an amazing up close snapshot.


Fireworks have nothing on this.

6. Opening Fire

Opening Fire
Pretty incredible, huh? The contrast here with the snow and the gunfire?

7. Man and His Best Friend

Man and His Best Friend
They're just going on a little trip together.

8. A True Top Gun

A True Top Gun
No offense, Tom Cruise.

9. One Bomb Away

One Bomb Away
And the rocket's red glare, huh?

10. Amazing Juxtaposition

Amazing Juxtaposition
It's a beautiful day. But also a violent one.

11. Look at That Airplane

Look at That Airplane
Look how close it is. Look how calm the soldiers are. Amazing.

12. Heroes and a Halo

Heroes and a Halo
Thank you to these brave men and women for keeping is safe.

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