11 Most Annoying Facebook Couples

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These couples - or types of couples - need their Facebook privileges revoked like whoa. Here are 11 signs you are "that" couple ...

1. PDA and TMI Combined

PDA and TMI Combined
Because we were all thinking just how badly we need to watch you suck face.

2. No I Love YOU the Most!

No I Love YOU the Most!
Most of us get tired of "I love you more" debates after middle school ... and didn't share them with the public even then.

3. You're 2 FEET Away

You're 2 FEET Away
Way to share information you could simply open your mouths to exchange in person.

4. MUAH!

Couples that brag about the "cute" stuff they do for each other on Facebook like this ... UNFRIEND.

5. Inside Jokes

Inside Jokes
No one gets it, so we'll assume it has something to do with boning. Then block your page.

6. Matching Shirts

Matching Shirts
Aye aye aye is more like it.

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