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What Possesses Someone To Post A Fake Ad On Craigslist?
Is It The Same Thing That Possesses Us To Read It?

Although we can???t seem to shake the nasty habit of writing in the royal we, occasionally one of our editors decides to shake off the cloak of anonymity to write a short, pithy statement long, rambling diatribe about a topic of their choice. Today, Debbie Newman is that editor.

Earlier today, we told you about a bogus Craigslist ad conservatively titled “I will blow you for genesis tickets.” Based on convincing circumstantial evidence, we incorrectly inferred that the author of the post—and the tipster who alerted us to its existence—were likely one and the same, and concluded that whoever wrote the ad had a disconcerting affinity for crap 80’s music and juvenile humor. As it turns out, we were only half right.

Thus, in an effort to restore our tipster’s good, albeit anonymous, name, we snooped around and managed to uncover the identity of the real poster. [Ed: Or, if you want to be “technical” about it, said individual graciously stepped forward, unmasked himself of his own accord and allowed us to ask him some impertinent questions about the whole experience.]

But who is he? How does he really feel about Genesis? And, once and for all, is he ambiguously gay? We get up close and personal with the “intellectually lazy” prankster (whom we’ve cleverly nicknamed the “Genesissy”) after the jump.

Who are you?
i’m just a guy. but i’m always out there, ever vigilant, always watchful, being pretty and telling lies, saving the world from itself, one starbucks latte at a time.

What do you do?
i conduct the grand central to times square shuttle train. i’m hoping that any day now i will be awarded a promotion by the mta to a train route that actually has stops. they’re forcing me to pass another drug test first.

Why here, why now, why Genesis? What other bands did you consider before settling on them?
the truth is that i went to craigslist looking to buy tickets for arcade fire/lcd soundsystem in october. when i was on the site i noticed a plethora of ads for genesis tickets. i thought, “genesis sucks…and are they still even alive?” at around this time it was late in the day and i had yet to post anything on my blog, so i decided to write a fake post as someone DESPERATELY looking for tickets to post on my blog. i’ve done this in the past with “missed connections” on days where i was feeling intellectually lazy. these are a couple of my favs…they’ve been linked around the net a bit by this point so you may have seen them.

Are you, in fact, gay?
only on tuesdays and thursdays. no seriously, i’m hopelessly straight. i do wish that i could be gay though. i’m kind of over the vag and all that comes with it. and if i were to go gay it would be with that trent guy from “pink is the new blog.” he’s dreamy! but i heard that he has a boyfriend. sucks for me, i guess.

Are you single?
yes, happily so.

Is there any instance in which you would trade sexual favors for concert tickets? If so, please describe.
i once went on a date with a girl who invited me to a private industry show being done by pearl jam. i knew full well that my going as her date meant that i would probably have to sleep with her despite my long being over wanting to sleep with her. this girl could annoy ghandi to the point of violence. AND she was a horrible lay. but i took the offer to be her date. i wanted to hear eddie vedder bray “elderly woman behind the counter in a small town” THAT BAD!

Approximately how long did you spend writing that Craigslist ad?
i wrote it pretty quick. i was pressed for time and just blitzed it out in a stream of consciousness sort of manner. i sent the link over to a friend whose sense of humor i respect for his opinion as to whether or not it was funny. he said rather emphatically that it was, so i posted it.

Can u ballpark the amount of pot you smoked prior to coming up with it?
though my brain may be slightly impaired from traces of bong residue from my reckless youth, i was sober when i wrote it. i’m just that messed up in the head i guess.

Has it been taken down yet? Any serious responses? as of this moment it’s still there. i’m shocked that it is. i did get many responses saying how funny it was but yes, i did sadly get a few serious responses. i posted them here

Sep 27, 2007 · Link · 3 Responses

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Comments (3)

No. 1
MediaPerson says:

“True Romance” AND Better Than Ezra. Somehow this explains his idea of “wit.”

Posted: Sep 27, 2007 at 6:42 pm

No. 2
ash says:

He also lists pretentious art snob favorites such as 8 1/2 and Old Boy, MediaPerson. Seems pretty varied to me.

Posted: Sep 27, 2007 at 7:43 pm

No. 3
Mr. T says:

You still have to be gay to do that.

Posted: Sep 28, 2007 at 1:07 pm

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