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No ‘Nappy Headed Hos’ Can Hold Imus Down

Twenty million dollars and a few nappy headed hos later, Don Imus is back. Imus is in talks with Citadel Broadcasting, which owns ABC radio, for a new show.

There???s no word on what the contract will be worth, but if his new one is worth more than half of the old one, he???ll come out on top.

He won a $20 million settlement from CBS Radio, half of what the remaining years would have been worth. So if he garners a contract worth more than $20 million, he made money from getting fired.

The lesson for all aspiring radio personalities: racism pays.


Oct 4, 2007 · Link · 4 Responses

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Comments (4)

No. 1
Mr. T says:

I guess he’d be a red hair’d nappy hoe himself.

Posted: Oct 4, 2007 at 4:59 pm

No. 2
Percy says:

Your comment, “Racism pays” is so ignorant. Imus is an entertainer. His comment was intended to be twisted humor; have you never made a joke that flopped? If you knew ANYTHING about this man (his relationship with the late Bishop Patterson, his unflagging support of Harold Ford, his devotion to children of all races), you would know that he is certainly NOT a racist. The next time you want to level a serious claim such as this, try doing a little research instead of swallowing the media hype driven by Hillary Clinton and her henchmen, Media Matters, and perpetuated ad nauseum by the two biggest race-baiters in the country: Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, who use race to further divide our country so they aren’t out of a “job” (if hate-mongering can be called a job).

Posted: Oct 4, 2007 at 11:35 pm

No. 3
Harley says:

Don Imus emerges a saint when compared to race-baiting Al Sharpton
Home News Tribune Online 10/3/07
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Be Counted
Don Imus never received a fair chance to explain what happened following the overreaction to his April on-air description of the Rutgers women’s basketball players as “nappy-headed hos.” I found most articles written in newspapers and reports on radio and television were biased against the radio talk-show host, who lost his job over the incident.

Yes, Imus made a mistake, but his comments were in jest with no malice intended. As a longtime listener of “Imus in the Morning,” I have seen him poke fun at all people and mostly himself. His mistake was that he should never have met with Al Sharpton, he should have met with the Rutgers team first and apologized directly to them, and the entire incident would have ended. Since when is Sharpton the judge and jury? The team and its coach accepted the apology, but Sharpton still pushed his agenda, leading to the firing of Imus. Today if you say anything that may sound disparaging about blacks, Sharpton is ready to bury you.

Let’s compare Al Sharpton and Don Imus.

Who is Don Imus? He has been on radio since the 1970s and has won three radio broadcasting awards. He is a man who turned his life around from abusing drugs and alcohol to be a credit to society. He became friendly with past presidents, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and leaders of industry. These people valued Imus’ comments and respected his audience. Imus has been a great role model to all races. Look at what he has accomplished:

He raised millions of dollars along with spending millions of his own money to build a ranch for children with cancer and families who lost children to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

He helped raise money to erect two buildings at Hackensack University Medical Center.

He helped raise millions of dollars to help build a rehabilitation hospital to treat our returning veterans.

He is very influential with some of the most powerful politicians along with some of the top columnists in our country.

Al Sharpton has proven himself to be a race baiter. Here are some examples:

The Tawana Brawley hoax, which was all a lie, including false accusations made against a New York district attorney, led to two cohorts of Sharpton being disbarred from practicing law. Sharpton was found guilty in civil court for his false accusations against the DA and fined. He should have been jailed. Imus or anyone else would have been jailed.

Sharpton caused a problem for the owner of a Korean market in Brooklyn, N.Y., who caught a black person stealing. Sharpton turned it around and made it a race issue, picketing the market, putting it out of business.

When a car, whose driver was Jewish, accidentally struck and killed a young black boy on the sidewalk in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Sharpton brought out his followers to create a mob and spread prejudice against the Jewish people and this led to the stabbing and killing of an innocent Jewish student.

Sharpton has called many successful blacks “Uncle Toms.” That is a derogatory statement that offends blacks, yet no one at the NAACP complains. For many years, black entertainers have called their women “hos” and used the N-word, Yet where was the outcry from Sharpton? Why didn’t he do something about this?

What has Sharpton and his followers done to improve the lives of the black community? Nothing! Black-on-black crime continues to grow out of control. More and more children are born out of wedlock to single mothers from the age of 14. Young blacks are dropping out of school. Young blacks continue to prey on the young and elderly within their own communities. Drug use is totally out of control within their communities. Years ago, Sharpton blamed the whites for selling drugs to his people. But in reality, you see today it is his own people selling to the black community. Gangster rap singers are murdering each other. Where is Sharpton’s outrage?

So I ask, do you think that CBS, WFAN, MSNBC and the sponsors made the right decision to side with Sharpton and fire Imus?

“Be Counted” columnist Mark Klein is a resident of Monroe. “Be Counted” columnists are members of the public. Their opinions are not those of the Home News Tribune.

Posted: Oct 5, 2007 at 6:11 am

No. 4
SaveImus says:

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Show your support for the I-Man!!!!

Posted: Oct 9, 2007 at 8:20 am

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