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On The McCarthy’s Season 1 Episode 10, the family decided to throw a little celebration for Sean’s induction into the high school hall of fame.

That makes at least one member of the family pretty upset. Read on to find out who or watch The McCarthys online!

Fatty and Sean are inducted into the hall of fame, and Gerard is disappointed he’s not on the list. Marjorie lies and tells him he is, then sets about trying to convince the school to induct him as well.

The family throws a party to celebrate the induction and Jackie is scared. Fatty’s mom will be there and she doesn’t know that Jackie is pregnant with Fatty’s baby.

Gerard tells Katrina he’s being inducted and she suggests they all go out for lunch. While at the restaurant, the athletic director spots Sean and comes over to talk about his speech. Gerard asks how long his speech is supposed to be and the director tells him he won’t be giving one.

Gerard knows something is up, finds out his mother lied, and then storms out of the restaurant.

When he returns, he challenges Sean to a one-on-one game which Sean deftly wins. Gerard acts like a sore loser and Sean tells his brother to stick it in his ears.

At the ceremony, Gerard introduces Sean, saying his brother really deserves the award, but before Sean can get to the stage, Marjorie takes the podium away from Gerard and makes sure that the audience knows that she’s proud of Gerard, too. Sean accepts his award and then it’s Arthur’s turn to memorialize Fatty.

Instead of the longwinded speech he’d plan to give he essentially says “Fatty was a great coach. The end.” Jackie takes her turn and says that they’ll always have Fatty’s baby to remember him by, outing her pregnancy to Fatty’s mom.