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The City was a short-lived spin-off of The Hills. It followed Whitney Port as she moved from California to New York in an attempt to further her fashion career. <P><P> Once there, she quickly learned that the world of fashion was more cutthroat than she first anticipated, and had to adapt to her new surroundings. <P><P> Initial episodes were clunky, with performances so wooden it sounded that the script was below the camera. <P><P> However, the series managed to find its footing in Season 2 by scaling back the relationships in favor of actually focusing on the world of fashion. <P><P> MTV opted to cancel the series alongside The Hills. Given that Port is married to Tim Rosenman, the producer of the series, would it be that difficult to bring the show back in some form if the reboot of The Hills proves to be successful? We think not, and we would totally watch!

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The City Quotes

From the beginning of The Hills, I was very career-oriented. I had had a boyfriend for the first year and a half, and I made a conscious effort to keep that to myself. I just didn't want to be that vulnerable.

Whitney Port

I just want to live a normal life.

Whitney Port