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On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3, Bonnie got her groove magic back! All thanks to Kai, a mysterious stranger somehow trapped in…when…Damon and Bonnie are trapped!

As it turns out, all it took was Bonnie fearing for Damon’s life, a fact on which Kai banked when he spiked the bourbon with vervain.

Kai has been watching Bonnie and Damon for the four months they’ve been trapped in their own version of Groundhog’s Day, making note of their every move and argument, finishing crossword puzzles, and being creepy.

We have no idea why he’s there, how he got there, or what he wants, but he says he wants Bonnie to help them all get out. Does he actually know how that’s going to work, or…

Bonnie and Damon are quickly becoming some of the best parts of each episode. For two who’ve been so antagonistic toward one another for so long, they’re learning to like each other. At least a little bit.

Damon may threaten death. Bonnie may challenge Damon to hope. But there’s a mutual understanding forming between them that will hopefully continue once they return home.

Because they ARE going to return home…right? Sigh.

When they do return home, they’ll find an Elena who can’t remember Damon and all of their friends who are sick of pretending away the last two years just to keep Elena happy. Or whatever she is right now.

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