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Can Elena Gilbert BE without Damon Salvatore, the love of her life? That is the question posed at the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1, followed closely by this:

Where ARE Bonnie and Damon, anyway? And who knew that Bonnie and Damon would ever wear plaid!?! (Unless, of course, they’re trapped inside a Caroline Forbes Lumberjack-themed party somewhere over….out…uhh…wherever they are.)

To many, Elena seems to be coping with her great loss by, well, not coping with it. She seems far too fine and normal for her closest friends to believe she’s actually grieved her loss.

She’s going to class, pursuing med school, and getting excited about campus tailgates. She’s also lurking on the border of Mystic Falls preying on humans thanks to an insatiable thirst she can’t seem to shake.


The thirst is a side effect of the magical miracle herbs Luke has been giving her. Herbs which cause her to hallucinate Damon. In her fantasies, he’s still there, riding shotgun while she drives around, holding her as she tells him details about her day.

But he’s not real, and while she knows that, and knows that his level-headed and logical approach to their situation is actually her level-headed and logical self attempting to prevail, she can’t stop herself from seeing him.

Given the shape her brother is in as the alternative, can we blame her?

Jeremy has completely given up any hope of being anything other than a beer-guzzling bum who somehow also manages to sleep with lots of girls despite the fact that he never leaves the house and spends his day playing video games. That’s…weird? Not weird? IDK.

Matt Donovan is supernatural-free, for once, and thriving. He’s joined a community protection force, which is laughably unnecessary in No Magic Allowed Mystic Falls. At first I thought he was in police academy, which would actually be a cool spin for the kid. He’s not going to college. He needs a career so he won’t be working at the Grill for the rest of his life, and Sheriff Forbes can’t live forever.

Let Matt Donovan be the next wave of law enforcement in Mystic Falls! Donovan for Sheriff!!

What happened with Stefan, Alaric, and Caroline on the season 6 premiere? Well, you’ll have to watch The Vampire Diaries online to find out!