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As the Boca Raton trip draws to a close on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 12, the infidelity accusations fly, prompting Dina Manzo to take a stand and protect her house from Jim Marchese’s rumor-mongering ways.

While Bobby is still locked in the bathroom after his fight with Nicole, Jim chooses that moment to start accusing two of the other guys in Boca Raton of being cheaters.

Hey, maybe the guys are. But maybe they aren’t. Either way, Jim is totally drunk, and so is Amber who smokes a cigarette to deal with Jim’s behavior.

Yes, Amber. Cancer survivor. She lights up a cig and smokes it.

Jim says that Bobby cheated on Nicole. Then he says that Teresa Aprea’s husband Rino slept with Aprea and Nicole’s MOTHER.


If it’s true, it’s disgusting. If it’s not true, it’s still a mental picture no daughter wants in her brain. Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see the twins’ reactions, which are understandably anguished.

The next morning, Dina Manzo tells Jim and Amber to pack their bags and get out and Amber pretends not to understand the words coming out of Dina’s mouth. Dina repeats herself and the two leave.

Teresa also leaves only to return later with Rino himself, there to answer the charges lobbed against him.

The other Teresa, the one going to prison, is back home in New Jersey having a meal with her husband. While the season was filmed before their legal troubles were finished playing out in court, the world now knows that the Giudices will each spend time in prison.

Theresa was sentenced to 15 months while Joe will serve three years. This news makes their romantic dinner and his toast to his family more sad than it should be, but hey, he should’ve thought about all of this before he decided not to pay his taxes for forever.