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It doesn’t matter how long ago a scandal occurs, running for office means there’s a pretty decent chance whatever secret you thought you buried will come to light.

That’s why Alicia Florrick sat around a dining table with campaign manager Johnny Elfman on The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 4 rehashing all of her family’s secrets.

If she’s going to run for State’s Attorney–and she is–Alicia has to get ahead of a few family scandals.

Zach’s girlfriend once had an abortion, her brother had an affair with a married man, and her mother? Her mother hit a stranger’s child in public.

Then there’s the issue of Alicia’s DUI.

The DUI is clearly a set-up. Instead of a breathalyzer, Alicia was given a field sobriety test, and someone now has pictures of the occasion which will no doubt be used against her.

Lemond Bishop is also funding her campaign, though she doesn’t know it, by pumping money into a PAC to get her elected. She’s going to hit the roof when she finds that out. She’s been trying to can him as a client for a while now.

The question Alicia didn’t really answer, for whatever reason, is WHY she’s running for State’s Attorney. On the one hand, Garcia has to go. On the other, maybe she hopes this will bring her some clarity.

One thing we know is that there’s a very good chance it’s bringing some love into her life in the form of her campaign manager. Was it just us or were there some sparks between them?

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