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Today was an odd one for Taylor Swift.

It began with news that a an imprisoned child pornographer is claiming Taylor stole his life story as inspiration for her 1989 album.

How does a day get worse from there? Glad you asked:

The pervs of the Internet spent the afternoon waiting with bated breath for nude photos of Taylor to hit the web after the Instagram and Twitter accounts were hacked.

The attack was shut down and Taylor says no nudes of her existed in the first place, but still…creepy.

So while they didn’t steal any revealing pics, the hackers did allegedly obtain some of Taylor’s Twitter direct messages.

They’re pretty tame (as you would expect), but one exchange reveals that Taylor recently made plans to play cards with Nick Jonas.

It’s a little weird considering Swifty’s ugly breakup with Joe Jonas inspired several of her early ballads, but hey, if that’s the most embarrassing thing to come out of this leak, Taylor should consider herself seriously lucky.