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Is Abby getting a love interested on the latest season of NCIS?

If NCIS Season 12 Episode 2 is any indication, yes! There’s a tattooed dude with his eye on Abs, and she’s got her eye on him, too! So sweet!

The case of the week focused on a lieutenant who was found murdered, and whose murder was covered up by bad people who didn’t want to get caught.

(Isn’t that pretty much every case of the week on any show ever? Yeah. It is.)

In that regard, the second episode of the season was slow and predictable. Where the episode shined was in its relationships with characters and revealing bits of themselves to the audience.

Vance, for instance, is not over the loss of his wife. He’s still grieving, but he doesn’t really see that his affairs are completely out of order. A cancer scare helps straighten him up, and the relief on Ducky’s face when he realized Vance would be okay was telling of their friendship.

You should really watch NCIS online to see the moment shared between the two as Vance comes to realize that it’s okay to take care of himself again.